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Jim Slim
Jim Slim Box
"The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland" (shortly "Jim Slim") is the latest game by Protovision - a joint venture of Argus Design and Protovision. You play the part of the always cheerful ball Jim, who's living with his love Candy in Blizland. But as the evil Warlord Gothar has stolen the magic skull, your home, yes, the whole world is in danger! But that's not all - he also kidnapped Candy! Now it's up to you to get back the stolen skull and to bring Candy home again.
Roll or jump through the labyrinths and find the way out!

What awaits you?
15 worlds with 3 levels each have to be overcome.
Use trampolines to reach higher regions.
To open locked doors, you'll have to find the matching key.
Travel fast with tube systems and teleporters - but with an uncertain destination! If you find a shoot power-up you can kill some nasty creatures of your opponent.

But beware: There's an invisible, omnipresent enemy: time!

Are you ready for your significant challenge?
The saveable highscore list has slots for 15 entries to keep track of your own successfulness. For every new world you'll receive a password so you can continue your journey there later on.

Ordering the game:
Digital Download

This game uses AGSP (Any Given Screen Position) scrolling which a few computers can't handle. Try the demos to test if your C64 is capable of AGSP.

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy, Joystick.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate, 1581, CMD FD, CMD HD, Commodore RAM Expansion Unit (REU).
This game is PAL only!

Two demo levels are available! Spread the demos as much as you can and like. Also try the demos to test if your C64 is capable of AGSP.

The Intro
The intro sequence
Items to collect
Cool items to collect
Use the trampoline!
The key to success?
A teleporter in action!
Where do those tubes lead to?


CODE: Wim Taymans
GRAPHICS: Joeri Claeys
MUSIC: Glenn Rune Gallefoss

External Links:

SHAPE & Blues Muz' released Jim Slim - The Music Demo. SHAPE & Blues Muz You can download it here:

You can listen to another example of the music here:
Jim Slim Groove

Status updates:

Jim Slim in C64 games showcase on YouTube
(News written on 12.09.2021)

Beyond The Scanlines #061 by hellfire64 explores Commodore 64 games released in the early 2000s, including Jim Slim:

More special game offers
(News written on 31.07.2017)

The boxed editions of Jim Slim, Tanks 3000 and Advanced Space Battle are sold out.

But we still have a limited stock of Jim Slim and Tanks 3000 without box and a few extra manuals for Advanced Space Battle that we have put into our Games: Offers category.



First Groupees Bundle to feature Protovision games
(News written on 10.01.2017)

In January, a game bundle from Groupees will be launched including two Protovision titles: Jim Slim and It’s Magic. The bundle consists of multiple games for different retro platforms, including Mega Drive and of course the C64.

Jim Slim & Tanks 3000 with new goodies
(News written on 10.06.2016)

Jim Slim and Tanks 3000 have received a small update.
Every game now comes with a couple of small printed cards with logos of the respective game or other motives related to the game. Tanks 3000 comes with two additional stickers (the 5.25″ and 3.5″ disk labels).


Scene news: Reset #03 has been released
(News written on 12.05.2014)

The Reset staff released the third issue of their great magazine, full of reviews, and pure C64 love.

Two of our games were tested:

Reset #03 also featuring the first reviews of Darkness, Rocket Smash EX and Powerglove (retail edition). Also in this issue – Ray Carlsen does a repair by remote control, Sam Dyer discusses his new C64 book and Frank Gasking returns with another Games That Weren’t.

Download now for all this and more!!


Jim Slim in a Megatest at Digital Talk #94
(News written on 01.05.2012)

In the current issue of the German diskmag Digital Talk you will find another review of Jim Slim. The disk image is available as a free download. Please note that this test is only available in German language.  

Download the disk image of Digital Talk #94 here:

Jim Slim as Decoration at "Rheinzeit" from Cologne
(News written on )

In a seven-minutes segment of the German local TV programme to the Commodore 64, the editor of the German retro magazine RETURN Frank Erstling talks about old times, the magazine, but also new stuff. Between some C64 hard- and software you will find our newest game Jim Slim as decoration.

Those who missed the show can see it now on YouTube – unfortunately the quality of the clip is not the best.

(The video isn’t available anymore)

Jim Slim also on 3.5″ now
(News written on 06.12.2011)

Our jump’n’roll hit game Jim Slim is also available on 3.5″ disc now, so if you prefer the 1581 or FD floppy disk drive over your old’n trusty 1541, drop by at our Online Shop.

Jim Slim played through…?
(News written on )

Trixter/ Talk has caught the Jim Slim fever: He not only played through the entire game in a short time, no, he has documented this in a great video clip. Those who have long wondered how to master this or that tricky scene, or simply want to relax watching the game, please watch this clip (lasting over an hour):

(The video isn’t available anymore)

Jim Slim reviewed in Retro 21
(News written on 05.11.2011)

Issue 21 of the German print magazine Retro includes a nicely written review of our game Jim Slim. The magazine can be ordered from here.

Jim Slim – The Music Demo
(News written on 10.08.2011)

Blues Muz‘ released a small music demo with all Jim Slim tunes by 6R6 crammed into one file.
It is available at CSDb.

Jim Slim – Four reviews
(News written on 30.07.2011)

The following magazines contain reviews of our game Jim Slim:

  • Retro Gamer Issue 92 (Retro Gamer Sizzler, rating: 91%!)
  • Digital Talk #92 (German)
  • Lotek 64 #37 (German)
  • RETURN Issue 8 (Summer 2011) (German) ("must have")

  • Commodore Free #51 – A Protovision Issue
    (News written on 07.07.2011)

    Edition 51 of the English pdf, text, seq, d64 and html magazine is available. This issue has kindly been dedicated to us. In this issue you will find:

    Vandalism News #56 – The Mini-Market
    (News written on )

    Onslaught and Wrath Designs released issue 56 of the diskmag Vandalism News.

    In this issue’s "The Mini-Market" chapter, Protovision wise there is:

  • The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland released!
  • Advanced Space Battle and Tanks 3000 available again

    Vandalism News #56 can be downloaded from CSDb.

  • Jim Slim in the Media
    (News written on 04.06.2011)

    The good news about the release of Jim Slim has already been published by a number of websites.
    We are especially pleased about the news in the latest issue of the famous consoles magazine M! Games.
    Issue 18 of Retro Hunter Show by Sven Vößing contains a video review.
    Thorben Rumb has also released a short review at
    In addition, H.T.W has dedicated an article to the game in the German C64-Wiki.
    If you understand German, have a look!

    Direct links (in German language):

  • M! Games 7/2011 (announcement only)
  • Retro Hunter #18

    Direct link (in English language):

  • C64-Wiki article

  • Jim Slim released!
    (News written on 01.05.2011)

    Protovision presents their latest C64 game: The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland (aka "Jim Slim").

    As ball Jim it is up to you to retrieve a stolen skull and to save the lovely Candy. This is being done by fighting your way through the colorful mazes. You can move by rolling and jumping – the latter supported by trampoline in some places, and later through a tube system or even via teleporters. Difficulty increases bit by bit with the levels: You need to find matching keys to unlock doors, and to get rid of some opponents with a shot collected earlier.
    And of course the clock is ticking all the while.
    A saveable highscore list and password system round off this title.

    Check out the Jim Slim trailer by Poison!
    The trailer competed within the Forever C wild competition and scored 2nd.

    More information about Jim Slim is available here.
    Get an own impresssion of Jim Slim by trail playing the two demo levels!

    The full game including box and printed manual is now available via the Protovision Online Shop.

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