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Leisure Suit Leo 2 – The Secret of Maniac Island – Deluxe Edition
Leisure Suit Leo Box
There has never been a Larry for the C64? True!
But here comes Leisure Suit Leo!

The first production from Protovision and Out of Order Softworks is the "Deluxe Edition" of the parodistic graphic adventure "Leisure Suit Leo 2 – The Secret of Maniac Island".

Leo's big fortune was never meant to be: His princess charming turned out to be a con artist forcing him to abandon his home sweet home. Freshly divorced but never having learned the lesson, the wannabe ladykiller is again on the lookout for new adventures – of course always having the women on his mind. And this time he's even heading south!

Based on the D4-Adventure System by Tobias Erbsland, Leisure Suit Leo 2 is a true adventure game with multicolor graphics, an awesome soundtrack and gags you can finally put on display in your home cabinet.

Ordering the game:
Digital Download

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy, Joystick or Mouse.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate
This game is PAL only!

Here's what you can expect from the Deluxe Edition:
  • play the classic game from 1997 - finally available as a nice limited box edition with a detailed manual including the entire background story of the game and an interview with Volker Rust, author of the game
  • controlled either by mouse or joystick
  • hours of good fun on both sides of the floppy disk
  • over 40 different locations to explore
  • one of three original buttons with the Leisure Suit Leo - Guarantee of Success*!
  • a comprehensive & exclusive soundtrack
* Measurable in homeopathic doses!

Leisure Suit Leo is back!
The ultimate satire for your C64 as a limited edition!

The Intro
A dangerous game ...
... with a rather innocent beginning!
With comfortable controls ...
... by mouse or joystick ...
... Leo is looking for love ...
... even in dubious places!

AUTHOR: Volker Rust
CODE: Stephan Lesch and Tobias Erbsland
GRAPHICS: Volker Rust
MUSIC: Raik Picheta and Wolfgang Reszel

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