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Neutron C64Neutron is a fast-paced vertical Shoot 'em up for the Commodore 64 (PAL).

This version was created for RGCD's C64 16KB Cartridge GameDev Compo 2019.

All programming, graphics, and sound by Sarah Jane Avory.

NB: Although the game has been coded for PAL, it will run quite happily on an NTSC machine, just at a faster speed!

History: Back in the 80s, after loving playing the arcade game Star Force, I coded my own version on the Commodore 64, one I named Neutron. The game was finished, but never released as Orpheus, the company I was working for at the time, closed down before Neutron could be released…

I still had all the files, but time passed by, and when I moved house many years later, seeing no reason keeping all my old computers, I (rather foolishly looking back now) binned everything, including all my old disks.

Fast forward to the present, and after suffering a bit of burnout while writing lots of novels (I’m also a self-published author), I decided to have a bit of fun and code some C64 games. After coming across the 16Kb cartridge competition, I decided I’d enter that, and thought Neutron would be ideal.

And so I now present Neutron, a re-born version of the game I coded a long time ago. Only this time, with the benefit of lots of coding experience, this game is much improved, in every way.


9 challenging stages of increasing difficulty.
Player weapon upgrades.
3 different background styles.
Over 18 types of enemies.
Mid-stage mini-bosses.
End of stage boss.


Joystick in port 2, or Keyboard:

S - Up.
X - Down.
< - Left.
> - Right.
SPACE - Fire!


Development status:
Available! Get it HERE

Programming: Sarah Jane Avory
Graphics: Sarah Jane Avory
Music: Sarah Jane Avory


Enemies 1
Enemies 1
Enemies 2
Enemies 2
Enemies 3
Enemies 3
Enemies 4
Enemies 4

Status updates:

Zeta Wing and Neutron – digital 50% off now, cartridge in preparation!
Written by Protovision on 26.06.2021

Great news for fans of C64 SHMUPs on a budget. Sarah Jane Avory’s award winning shooters Zeta Wing and Neutron are part of the SJA’s Summer Sale 2021 on Each game 50% off! Or buy both for $3.48 (regularly $6.98)! This offer ends on June 29 2021, 1:00 AM CEST. So you better be quick!
View sales:

But for physical game collectors, we have some great news for you! Zeta Wing will also get a physical release on cartridge and will include Neutron as a bonus game. Kwayne is currently working on the box art and progressing well. More news on this soon, stay tuned!

ZetaWing by Sarah Jane Avory
Written by Protovision on 29.06.2020

Exciting news! Fresh from completing the preliminary development of the upcoming horizontal shooter, Soul Force, Sarah Jane Avory has announced that she has started development on a new vertical shoot’em up called ZetaWing that is inspired by classic shooters Twinbee and Gemini Wings.

Neutron – Game of the Year 2019!
Written by Protovision on 25.01.2020

We are happy and honoured – Neutron / Protovision by Sarah Jane Avory has been awarded Game of The Year 2019 by Retro Gamer Nation… Grab the game for free or toss a few coins over to Sarah here!

Neutron – a free Protovision Shooter
Written by Protovision on 18.05.2019

The RGCD 16K Version of the Shoot’em Up Neutron by Protovision member Sarah Jane Avory is now available from The game can be downloaded from Sarah’s page for a “pay what you want” price. An extended 512k cartridge version is planned for the future and would then also become a boxed Protovision release.

Neutron at Protovision

Shoot’em Up for RGCD 2019
Written by Protovision on 15.01.2019

Protovision member Sarah Jane Avory is working on shoot’em up as a submission for the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Dev Compo 2019. The screenshots and videos of the progress of the development posted on twitter do already look promising. More Infos see Video below and here.

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