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MW ULTRA (Download)

MW ULTRA (Download)

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This item is available immediately!

MW ULTRA is a gem of a game and features action, adventure and other game elements in a skilled blend of technical perfection. It received a score rating of 97% from Retro Gamer Nation (Sam's Journey scored 98%).

In a future world, where the sun no longer shines, Ian wastes his time growing out his hair, playing guitar and drinking beer. But his world comes crashing down after watching his best friend fall to his death while out together on a burglary job. Little does Ian realise that this event is about to trigger something lying dormant within him as his lethal past starts to come alive.

Take control of Ian in this epic interactive action adventure game as he unravels a conspiracy taking place around him and inside his mind. Ian will have to use his wits and his skills to survive against street gangs, highly trained soldiers, wild animals, robot drones and much more as you navigate your way though many different environments in order to uncover the truth to who he really is.

MW ULTRA is a reboot of the original Metal Warrior game released in 1999. The game retells the original story in an expanded setting with new features:


  • Completely overhauled game engine
  • Immersive story telling
  • Cut-scenes
  • Fast paced combat action
  • Wide range of firearms and grenades and other objects (e.g. a grapple)
  • Outstanding boss battles
  • Character interaction
  • Skill enhancements
  • Smooth graphics and animation
  • Adaptive soundtrack
  • Dynamic game ending
  • Save game feature
  • Difficulty settings
  • PAL and NTSC compatibility
  • Compatible to practically any drive type
  • REU and SuperCPU support (to speed up scrolling)
  • Multibutton support

Contents of the digital release:
  • Manual as PDF
  • City map as PDF
  • MW ULTRA CRT (recommended for emulators or 1541 Ultimate)
  • MW ULTRA GMod2
  • MW ULTRA 1541
  • MW ULTRA 1581 (recommended for sd2iec)


MW ULTRA (Download)MW ULTRA (Download)MW ULTRA (Download)MW ULTRA (Download)MW ULTRA (Download)

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