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ARM2SID (Double-SID, Triple-SID or FM emulation)

ARM2SID (Double-SID, Triple-SID or FM emulation)

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Stock: 4 units!

ARM2SID is probably the most powerful SID solution available. It can be used as either:
  • 2 SIDs
  • 3 SIDs
  • SFX Sound Expander (OPL FM synthesis like FM-YAM)
  • 1 SID and one SFX Sound Expander simultaneously

If you have no double-SID-board installed you don't need one - you can still use all ARM2SID features if you install it properly. However, this requires you to connect your ARM2SID to certain lines either via soldering or with clips.

If you already have a double-SID-board installed and just need SID chips for it, you can plug your ARM2SID into both sockets and you're done. Additional soldering/clipping is required to use the 3rd SID or the SFX option.

  • fits into all C64/C128 computers
  • stereo in any combination of SID models
  • automatic fall-back into dual mono if second SID is not used / disabled
  • configuration directly from the C64 via a configuration tool
  • firmware upgrades can be installed directly in the C64
  • Up to 12 music channels (SFX plus SID or multiple SIDs)

We offer ARM2SID in 3 different variants:
  1. One socket only: comes with an assembly kit that allows you to install all features of ARM2SID into a regular C64/C128
  2. Two sockets: this is useful if you already have a double SID board and you just want two SID chips
  3. Two sockets for Ultimate64: comes with a special cable for installing it into a Ultimate64
ARM2SID (Double-SID, Triple-SID or FM emulation)

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