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Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition

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Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017 - Overview
F64PGC 2017  
TheRealWanderer and the rest of the Protovision team presents the Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017, or F64PGC 2017 for short!

The goal of the competition is to encourage the development of new (and potentially bigger) C64 games. There is money and goods as prizes for the winners - and according to us, EVERY participant is a winner already! :D

On this page your can inform yourself about the rules, sign up for the compo or read about how the competition progresses and what entries there are.

Timeline of the Competition:

2017/07/01 - 2018/04/30

Registration period:

2017/07/01 - 2017/10/31

Theme of the compo:
The theme for this year is sports! It can be anything related to sports. More details on this are described in the rules. In case of ambiguity, just ask us using the sign-up form.
Also feel free to have a look into the compo pages at Forum64 and Lemon64!

Competition Status:
Status: Now open for registration!

News concerning the Compo:

End of F64PGC sign up phase
Written by JTR on 09.11.2017

We are happy with a whopping 15 participants who have signed up to this year’s sports themed C64 game competition!

Forum64 & Protovision game compo is now going into the next phase:
signup phase is completed, now all participants are working on their projects for handing them in until end of April 2018.

All entries will be released for free presumably in June.
There are some stunning videos/screenshots already available for some of the entries:

Commodore Golf animation


Dangerous Sports Deadly Sports

Status of the Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition
Written by JTR on 30.09.2017

We have 14 brave participants now! But maybe there will be even more!

As a reminder: The Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition (Sports!) registration period ends THIS MONTH!

Status of the Forum64 & Protovision C64 Sports Game Compo
Written by JTR on 09.09.2017

Our first Commodore64 coop game compo with Forum64 is starting well. We have 13 teams participating already, including enthusi/Veto (known from Caren and the Tangled Tentacles), Zaadii (Hack Attack), Endurion (e.g. Soulless, Guns’n’Ghosts, Awakening), M.J. (The Three Musketeers) and our own Majikeyric (Lumberjack). Also Jammer, the musician from Caren and the Tangled Tentacles, is participating as a programmer.

Anyway, we still want more participants! Sign up NOW until October and win hundreds of Euros with your C64 sports game!
…and two more reasons to sign up:

  1. We allow also games without a single player mode now (But they will receive a 35% penalty)!
  2. We are giving away a C64 Reloaded Board (MK1) to the compo winner!

Sign up on the game competition pages.

Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017
Written by JTR on 01.07.2017

The Forum64 Game Competition has been very successful and a lot of fun in the past years.

It now has a new name: Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition or F64PGC 2017 for short!

The compo is still organized by same guy as before, namely TheRealWanderer (welcome our newest member!) and the rules are almost unchanged, but now you can also sign up at the Protovision homepage. A Forum64 account is not required, making it easier for participants around the world to take part in the compo!

Everyone who hands in a game will receive a Protovision 5 Euros voucher for downloads and has a chance for a bigger monetary price. In addition, the winner receives his own game in a fully printed cardboard box. All games handed in will be available for free on our website. We might want to develop some of the games further and make them a physical release later on.

This year’s competition is all about SPORTS GAMES.

The compo starts NOW (1st of July) and runs until end of April 2018.

Signing up is open until end of October.

If you cannot enter the compo with a game entry but want to support it, there is a donation button on the compo page.

All money collected will be passed on to the participants!

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