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Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition

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Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017 - Results & Downloads


Game Participant Points Rank Cash Reward
SAFTS - Spin all four Table Soccer Enthusi/Veto 7,93 1 183,74 €
Beeching Golf & Country Club larcky 7,00 2 162,12 €
Downhill Challenge Endurion 6,46 3 149,51 €
DSDS - Dangerous Sports Deadly Sports Zaadii 6,29 4 145,78 €
Kung Fu Pixel goerp 5,41 5 125,32 €
El Loco Challenge Jammer 5,29 6 122,62 €
Basic Ball Bytebreaker 4,79 7 110,91 €

(The ratings in the individual categories as well as the comments, indications and grounds for evaluation (if notified) of the jurors will be published shortly.)



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Cash Rewards:

The cash prize of € 1,000 was distributed pro rata to all participants on the basis of the points. The payment is made by Paypal or bank transfer after notification of the participants in terms of their name, preferred payment method and / or bank details.


Price Place 1:

Challenge Cup with names of the winners!

As the challenge cup is going to be enthusiastically vetoed for the second time, they are allowed to keep it for good. There will be a new trophy for the next competition. Enthusi and veto get your game in a professionally designed cardboard box. You can contribute the necessary graphics or leave the design of the box to Protovision. In addition, the winners will receive a Commodore 64 Reloaded MK II, fully populated and in a new case (but with used keyboard)

Price place 2:
Zoomfloppy in a nice alu case

Price 3rd place:
XeNTaX FM-YAM Module (Sound Expander Compatible)

Place 1-3:
There will again be medals for the participants in places 1-3, with the name, year and placement engraved on it.

For all:
In addition, all participants will receive a 5 € voucher for Protovision downloads.

Competition Status:
Status: Finished

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