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Space-Rat – Cult of Nonsense
Space-Rat – Cult of Nonsense

The Space-Rat is back with a new adventure - and this time it's taking place on the screens of the Commodore 64!

An iconic German sci-fi comic strip from the late 1980s, Space-Rat covered the chaotic adventures of the ‘Lucky Star’ spaceship and its crazy crew consisting of Captain Steve Lucas, T’Pow from Vulcan and, the Space-Rat himself, Ziggy.

Space-Rat was regularly featured within the German magazine ASM (Aktueller Software Markt), including a paper based point & click adventure back in 1993, titled Cult of Nonsense. Having a fond recollection of this feature piece, Sönke Wolfgramm was inspired to translate Cult of Nonsense into a digital format, so he reached out to TIKWA (the original creator of Space-Rat) seeking his permission to do this. To Sönke’s delight, not only did TIKWA approve of the digital conversion but he also agreed to provide new artwork designed specifically for the Commodore 64 project and brought in Chris Huelsbeck, who is a friend of his.

Space-Rat: Cult of Nonsense is a joystick or mouse driven graphical text adventure built using the D42 Adventure System. In this twisted adventure, Ziggy foolishly beams himself to a remote planet and it is up to you (playing as Captain Stevie Lucas) to find the crazy rat and save the planet’s inhabitants from catastrophe, all while dealing with a strange cult with questionable rituals getting in the way.

Space-Rat will be packaged with cover art designed by TIKWA himself specifically for this release and features a SID conversion of original music composed by Chris Huelsbeck.

Thank you to TIKWA and Chris for supporting the project!


  • Entirely lunatic story with cult status
  • The first official Space Rat game for the C64!
  • Comfortable D42 Point & Click – Interface
  • German and English Version ("Der Sinnlos-Kult")
  • Supports control with joystick and mouse
  • Game progress can be saved and loaded
  • The game is PAL-compatible

Development Status:
In Development

D42 Adventure System: Stephan Lesch & Tobias Erbsland
Story: Mathias Neumann
Execution: Sönke Wolfgramm
Graphics: Santiago Cardenas
Compositions: Chris Huelsbeck
Converting the music for C64: Roy Widding
Box artwork: Mathias Neumann
Original game as presented in ASM: Mathias Neumann
Production: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos


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