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EARTH, 2017.
We didn't listen to the warnings.

We decided to ignore the decline of our bee population,
and now their guardians have arrived.

You must pilot the 1981 Galencia Fighter and restore order.
Before its too late!

Galencia is a Galaga inspired action game from Jason Aldred.

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy, Joystick.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate
This game is PAL and NTSC compatible.

We are proud to say that Galencia has already received
20 ratings to date (September 15th, 2017) and got 5 out of 5 stars... Amy announcement

Development status:
Status: Available.

Design, graphics & programming: Jason Aldred
Additional graphics & sound effects: Saul Cross
Music & sound effects: PulseBot
Physical cover art: Flemming Dupont
Additional Support & Special Thanks: 'Indian' Nic Winder


Title Screen Story Screen Starting Level Asteroid field Get Ready Intro Boss fight

Media voices:

Galencia is a Zzap64! Julian Rignall Sizzler.


Rob says: The best Modern C64 Shmup?


  • 50 Action Packed Levels
  • Asteroid Fields
  • Challenging Stages
  • Boss Battles
  • Ebb and Flow difficulty curve
  • Siren enemy with Tractor beam for Double Ship Action
  • Introduction, Launch and Completion sequences
  • 6 Brand new SID tunes, unique to this project
  • Load, Save and Reset High Scores
  • Extensive CRT options including 3 levels of Starfield Brightness
  • Three different Score Palettes
  • Tournament Mode (one life only for quick party gaming)
  • Music and Simultaneous Sound Effects or Sound Effects only

Galencia Galencia

And now, ladies and gentlefighters - get your joysticks ready and snitch the playable demo of the game!

A playable demo version is available as a download, of course at no cost. PAL and NTSC compatible!

Short notice on game controls:

  • Use Joystick Port 2 to rescue the world
  • F1 on title screen for options menu
  • SPACE to pause current game
  • Q to quit current game


Sam’s Journey *and* Galencia are Games of the Year!
Geschrieben von Protovision am 26.01.2018

We are very proud that BOTH games that we have published in 2017 have been selected as ‚Game of the Year‘ by different juries.

The C64 platformer Sam’s Journey was crowned GOTY by the (very informative!) portal „Indieretronews“ and the C64 action shooter Galencia got first in the poll of the Reset magazine, with Planet Golf and Sam’s Journey right behind.

Live shots from Galencia
Geschrieben von Protovision am

You know why we love making C64 games? Because we have the best customers in the world!
See how these great personalities treat Galencia as they should:

Galencia now available!
Geschrieben von Protovision am 24.12.2017

The disk, cartridge and tape versions of the C64 shooter Galencia can now be ordered
to earthly destinations.

This is also the debut of our new cardboard box and we’re anxious to read your reviews and comments about the package.

The first boxes already arrived at various destinations around the world!

We are more than happy that those who received their package are very, very pleased.
See the first photos and comments about Galencia and the full package on our Twitter account and order Galencia from our Shop.

Only in 2017: Free Galencia Posters!
Geschrieben von Protovision am

If you use your hard earned coin to get the disk & cartridge box of C64 shooter Galencia,
we are throwing in *two* Galencia posters (different motives) free of charge!

This is a limited offer and is valid only UNTIL END OF YEAR.

Buy Galencia now!

Grade b games available at a discount
Geschrieben von Protovision am 22.12.2017

A few of our hand crafted cardboard boxes suffered damage during transport. We are now offering these boxes to you at a reduced price. Everything is complete inside the box and the media works perfectly, only the packaging has (small) flaws, like scuffing marks for example.

Sam’s Journey and Galencia are available at a 5 Euros discount in our Games: Offers category.

Galencia available NOW in Protovision shop!
Geschrieben von Protovision am 17.11.2017

Galencia can now be obtained from the Protovision shop, and we are revealing the
feelies that ship with the game.

Take a look at the glass coaster, the bee key ring, the two available posters and all the different versions of Galencia: disk boxed, cartridge boxed, tape boxed, tape without box, combined disk & cartridge box.

Galencia comes with a full color 16 pages manual that stands out as every page is styled beautifully.

Galencia physical edition coming soon
Geschrieben von Protovision am 10.11.2017

The Galaga style C64 shooter Galencia will be available within the next weeks.

Everything is ready, but we are still waiting for the boxes to arrive, before we can make Galencia available to you.

We expect them to arrive in two weeks.
Galencia will be available on disk, cartridge and cassette!

Galencia for C64: New Demo available
Geschrieben von Protovision am 09.09.2017

We have a new Demo version of Galencia by Jason Aldred available on our homepage. The new demo is technically updated and is PAL/NTSC compatible. A new PAL and NTSC compatible version is also available at now.

Galencia: Cassette Version Online Poll
Geschrieben von Protovision am

As some people voiced the need for buying Galencia on Cassette, we are considering releasing Galencia not only on disk and cartridge, but also on tape.

If you want a cassette version of Galencia, let us know via our poll!

Galencia Cassette Version Online Poll
Geschrieben von Protovision am 05.08.2017

As some people voiced the need for buying Galencia on Cassette, we are considering releasing Galencia not only on disk and cartridge, but also on tape.

If you want a cassette version of Galencia, let us know via our poll!





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