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Sam's Journey
Sam's JourneySam's Journey by Knights of Bytes is a brand-new original scrolling platform game developed for the Commodore 64 home computer. It's about a cute little hero called Sam who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a strange world.

Knights of Bytes wanted Sam's Journey to be as great as our favorite platform games on the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Master System. To achieve this, they implemented a combination of features that is quite uncommon for a game on the Commodore 64.

Although Sam is quite small, he can run very fast and jump even higher. That's why the camera has to hurry up and keep track, no matter where he's going!

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate, Frodo, Turbo Chameleon 64 (the disk versions)
Vice 3.1+ (all versions)

Running Sam's Journey from SD2IEC requires an up to date SD2IEC firmware. As of firmware version 1.0.0atentdead0-22-gb25de36 from 2018-01-21, Sam's Journey is supported.

Important information for NTSC users: The NTSC version of Sam is only available on disk and requires a REU (any size) or a REU emulation (e.g. 1541 Ultimate or Turbo Chameleon 64).

Sam has a variety of basic moves. While running and jumping are obvious skills, his ability to climb makes him able to reach new heights. And with his free diving skill, he can explore the underwater passages of the deep sea.

The world of Sam's Journey is not only a visual one. Every scenery that Sam traverses on his journey comes with its own unique song that emphasizes the location's atmosphere.

Some songs are happy, some are melancholic, some are dramatic... And of course there are sound effects, too!

The full soundtrack features a wide variety of individual tunes that use all three voices of the Commodore 64's SID chip. You can listen to some samples here.

Development status:
Status: Available

Produced by: Knights of Bytes
Distribution: Protovision
Coder: Chester Kollschen
Graphics: Stefan Gutsch
Sound&SFX: Alex Ney


Map Water Forest Flower


· Classic 8-Bit Platform Action ·
· Colorful Graphics ·
· Fast Free-Directional Scrolling ·
· Many Basic Moves Plus Climbing And Swimming ·
· 6 Special Costumes With Additional Skills ·
· 3 Overworld Maps ·
· 27 Huge Levels With Multiple Sections ·
· 2000 Screens To Be Explored ·
· 14 Different Graphical Settings ·
· 19 Beautiful Tunes ·
· Sound Effects ·
· Hidden Items To Be Found ·
· Secret Passages To Be Discovered ·
· Checkpoint System ·
· Savegame Option ·

Status updates:

Availability of Sam’s Journey
Written by Protovision on 27.02.2018

The sheer unbelievable amount of Sam orders from the first weeks after the release still keeps us busy!

Even though Jakob shipped out *more than 1000* packages since End of December, we still have a backlog of about 200 open orders. Please hang on, the quality of the games will make up for the waiting time!

We decided to make Sam available again in the shop, however with a 1-4 months delivery time just to be sure we’ll be able to keep that promise this time.

Sam’s Journey *and* Galencia are Games of the Year!
Written by Protovision on 26.01.2018

We are very proud that BOTH games that we have published in 2017 have been selected as ‚Game of the Year‘ by different juries.

The C64 platformer Sam’s Journey was crowned GOTY by the (very informative!) portal „Indieretronews“ and the C64 action shooter Galencia got first in the poll of the Reset magazine, with Planet Golf and Sam’s Journey right behind.

Sam’s Journey & sd2iec
Written by Protovision on

Sam’s Journey works from sd2iec devices now,
thanks to the latest firmware update from Unseen!

Firmware Download:
Technical background:

Simply export all files from the D64 images into a folder.
Skip files with the same name (these are identical).

Finally, remove the PRG extension from the exported files!


Sam’s Journey now available on
Written by Protovision on

The new C64 platformer Sam’s Journey is now also available on
In the Protovision shop, the downloads section is only available for customers from Germany or from outside the EU.

So if you are an EU citizen and want to buy Sam digitally, is your friend.

Live shots from Sam’s Journey
Written by Protovision on

We have seen the first Sam’s Journey boxes at our customers‘!
Also dozens of unboxing and play videos can be found in the net.

Thank you so much… after the long time we have invested into Sam, it is wonderful to now see it through the eyes of our customers.

A selection:


Sam is not limited
Written by Protovision on

A clarification: We have no intention to limit Sam’s Journey.
If you couldn’t get hold of a Sam’s Journey box from the first batch, no worries!

We will produce more Sams.
However at the moment our primary focus is to deliver all existing orders.

Only after that is done, we will produce more of Sam’s Journey.

Sam’s Journey for Christmas
Written by Protovision on 24.12.2017

Waiting for Sam’s Journey? We have news for you!

On December 24th at 22:00 (CET) sharp, we will replace the (currently empty) „“ download file with the real game.

You can find the download link in the order confirmation you have received when you ordered,
or you can log in to the Protovision shop, view the order history, go to the the Sam order and download from there.

Everyone will receive access to Sam at the same time, as the digital version of Sam is also included with all physical editions.

Let’s hope our servers won’t overheat! 🙂

We are also anxious to deliver the physical editions to you as soon as possible, but we have to wait for the manuals to arrive after christmas. Please be patient, as posting out 550+ orders is something we have never done before and will certainly take weeks. We apologize for this delay.

We are looking forward to photos from you with the unwrapped Sams on our Facebook / Twitter pages and kindly ask you to rate/review Sam in our shop.

See below how your Sam boxes are put together at the Protovision HQ:

Grade b games available at a discount
Written by Protovision on 22.12.2017

A few of our hand crafted cardboard boxes suffered damage during transport. We are now offering these boxes to you at a reduced price. Everything is complete inside the box and the media works perfectly, only the packaging has (small) flaws, like scuffing marks for example.

Sam’s Journey and Galencia are available at a 5 Euros discount in our Games: Offers category.

(How to) Order Sam’s Journey NOW!
Written by Protovision on 17.11.2017

We have sent an email to everyone who registered for Sam’s Journey explaining how to pay and finalize the order.

However many of you have not received this email, so…

here is the information:

  • simply order Sam’s Journey from our online shop
  • if you had registered Sam we will recognize this by matching the email in the shop with the email used in the registration
  • if you used a different email, please leave a comment with your order including the email address used in the registration process

Want to save postage? Now you can!
Written by Protovision on 16.11.2017

For those who have ordered a physical release of Sam’s Journey, we have implemented an option into our shop to save postage.

You can chose to receive your new order together with Sam and pay only the difference between the postage of the combined order and the postage already paid.

Just order as you usually do and chose „Add to Sam order“ as the shipping method (this option only appears if you have previously ordered and paid Sam.)

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