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Galencia Khaos Sphere

Galencia Khaos SphereKhaos Sphere is the sequel to last years multi award winning Galencia.
What we have planned is a Shmup, with 3 different core elements.

Vertical scrolling (detailed backgrounds)
Reference points: Starforce, Xevious, A.S.O, Halley’s Comet

Static screen (2d starfield)
Reference points: Galencia, Astro Blaster, Galaga 88

Perspective (3d starfield)
Reference points: Gyruss, Tempest

All 3 different elements will be inspired by the stated reference points but will not be direct clones. If you think how Galencia was inspired by Galaga, this will give you an idea of the concept. To be clear, this will be taking the essence of the reference points, adapting to the Galencia lore and presented using the C64’s strengths. There will of course be many original elements and the reference points are provided to give you a feel of what to expect.

Flow of the game

After the introduction and title sequence, the player will select their game preferences and then plot a route through the Galaxy Map, each step of the path will be one of the 3 above gaming styles. As you approach the selected system, you will run a risk of interdiction. The first half of the map will have a risk of the Federation stopping you on your descent and the last half of the map is too dangerous for the Federation but is scavenged by Pirates, they will interdict you from time to time. These interdictions can be avoided by skillful manoeuvres and sometimes by bribery, if these options don’t work - prepare for a fight!

There will be 2 main boss fights, with additional smaller bosses to fight in various systems. There will also be traders indicated on the map where you can trade your collectable Promethean stars for Save Games, Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and other enhancements. The stars are not just for points in this game, make sure to prioritise them on your journey.

Upon successful completion of a system, you will encounter a cut scene on the dropship, this will usually be between Ace Harper and Amy Starbanger, but there will be other characters. The tone of the scenes will vary, with some being serious and others being light hearted, there is a dedicated writer working on the story elements. Some of these scenes will advance the story and others will require decisions to be made. Depending on the decisions you make and your performance in game, there will be multiple endings to the game.

Gameplay variety

As well as the player being able to plot their own path through the game, there will be a choice of 3 player ships:

Galencia - fighter class - The all rounder, a firm favourite with rookies and seasoned pilots

Gundola - nemesis class - Slightly slower than the Galencia but with much heavier firepower

Spartan - interceptor class - The fastest ship on the roster with a rapid but weaker weapons system

Remember you also have the ability to choose your character, that’s a lot of different ways to play!

The sprite multiplexer has undergone some significant changes and now allows for some truly huge enemies, combine this with the immediate access to data from the cartridge and we have all the ingredients for some spectacular battles with no significant loading delays. There will be animated introduction and end sequences, these will feature full screen bitmapped graphics.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is extremely ambitious and to improve the experience, there are elements that are subject to change.

Development status:


Design and Programming
Jason Aldred


3D Models and Concept Art
Commodore 64 Club

Pixel Art
Jon Eggleton
Saul Cross
Jason Aldred

Box Art and Manual
Jason Aldred
Flemming Dupont


And in case you missed the successful Kickstarter there is a limited time to still get the Special Backers Version including extras via IndieGoGo.

Stay Tuned!

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