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Limbo C64"This is a Commodore 64 remake of LIMBO that was released on PC and XBOX in 2010, and across most platforms later. But the commodore 64 version has so far been missing, so I am planning to remedy that. The aim is to make a playable (although shortened) version of the original game with a hand-picked selection of defining areas that should be as recognizable as possible. I am very focused on making the handling and gameplay feel as accurate as possible, rather than making a long or difficult game. I can probably realisticly do less than a fourth of the original setups, and I am not planning on introducing needless repetitions, so do not expect a game that will take many hours to complete.

I am creating this as a cartridge only game - at least for now, since that makes stutterless streaming extremely easy, will have plenty of ROM space available and will generally give a better game experience without having a noisy disk drive droning on constantly. Also, this project is driven by love for the game LIMBO (I was part of the original development team) AND my interest in trying to personally make some of the great effects on a commodore 64 that I could only marvel at, when I was younger. Progress is "whenever I have some time", so do not expect a final game any time soon. I jokingly claim that the game will be ready in 2024. That might be true. And it might not." - Søren Trautner Madsen

Here you get a vertical slice Demo of LIMBO.

A playable demo version is available for free download. Either as a D64 file or as a Windows executable with emulator.

Demo on D64 Image.

An "standalone" version of the C64 emulator WinVice 3.1 together with the cartridge file. Simply unzip and click on the RunLimboDemo.bat file. Input: The emulator uses the arrow keys and the left CTRL key.

Development status:
In development


Søren Trautner Madsen

Søren Trautner Madsen

Music & SFX:
Søren Trautner Madsen


Limbo C64 Limbo C64 Limbo C64 Limbo C64

Stay Tuned!


Limbo auf dem C64
(News vom 26.11.2018)

Das Spiel Limbo findet nun auch seinen Weg auf den C64. Der Macher des C64-Remakes war auch an der Original-Version beteiligt und schätzt, dass auf Grund des beschränkten Speichers des C64 auch mit Modul ungefähr ein Viertel des Inhalts des Originals umgesetzt werden kann.

Eine erste, bereits spielbare Demo könnt ihr hier bei uns herunterladen. Hier Klicken.



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