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Cursed Tomb

Cursed TombUnleash your inner Indiana Jones as you explore your way through ancient graves of unknown origins. On your adventure through the creepy catacombs you will collect treasure as you navigate your way around many dangers such as ghosts, deadly artifacts, moving walls, hidden traps, teleports and a lot more.

Cursed Tomb is an action puzzle game that provides 64 well-design but challenging levels. You direct you explorer around labryinths collecting jewels before locating the exit, but note that he only stops moving when he hits a wall or item. So to survive, you will need your nimble witt - be smart and be careful about where you move.

The game also contains an autosave feature to ensure that you don’t have to start from scratch again when you make the wrong move.

Development Status:

Coding: Zbigniew Ross
Graphics: John Henderson, Zbigniew Ross
Music: Michael Brzeski
Music & SFX: B. Bernstein
Additional Help: Jan Dobritius, Milo Mundt, Markus Spiering
Project Management: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos


Title Screen
Title Screen
Even more Tombs
Even more Tombs

Status updates:

Cursed Tomb now available!
(News written on 06.05.2023)

Get ready to test your mind and reflexes with our latest C64 arcade puzzle adventure – Cursed Tomb. Explore your way through creepy catacombs, collecting treasure as you navigate your way around many dangers such as ghosts, deadly artifacts, moving walls, hidden traps, teleports and a lot more. Cursed Tomb is available in digital, diskette and cartridge editions with physical editions are in stock – shipping starts in May.

ZZap! 64 Micro Action #8 featuring Cursed Tomb, Stoker & more
(News written on 05.06.2022)

Issue 8 of ZZap! 64 Micro Action has been released, containing a number of Protovision related exclusives.
The magazine shines the spotlight on Protovision’s upcoming title Cursed Tomb, an action puzzle game by Zbigniew Ross.
The Patreon exclusive cover disk contains a playable demo of "Stoker", an artistic looking platformer by Rhys Clatworthy that is set to receive a Protovision cartridge release upon its completion.
Also check out the interview with Søren Trautner Madsen, where he discusses the status of Limbo (demake of the PC/Xbox game) and "Awesome Slam Siblings" (a tribute to a well-known Beat 'em Up game series). Once completed, these titles could be published by Protovision in the future.
Subscription to ZZap! 64 Micro Action is through Patreon. In addition to PDF, you may obtain the magazine as physical version.

News from the scene: Vandalism News #72
(News written on 17.04.2022)

Issue #72 of the diskmag Vandalism News has been released at Revision Party 2022.
Protovision and friends are featured in this issue’s "The Market" chapter. Find out more about promising game projects such as Lykia – The Lost Island, Cursed Tomb, Stoker and maybe more.

Download at CSDb.

Reset64 #14 released: MW Ultra, Soul Force and Outrage reviewed
(News written on 09.04.2022)

The full Reset64 Magazine #14 – their run ’n‘ gun themed issue – is finally here!

Therein you will find reviews of these Protovision games:
MW Ultra (Reset Ripper)
Soul Force (Reset Ripper)

Protovision’s Muddy Racers and Cursed Tomb are featured in the news.
Also check out the interview with Lobo and the article about We are Stardust.

Download (Pay what you want): Reset64 Magazine at

C64 Round Up: April 2022 – Exclusive footage of Cursed Tomb
(News written on 08.04.2022)

Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Round Up April 2022 has an update on Cursed Tomb, our forthcoming game by Zbych. Furthermore it shows Knights & Slimes, a side project by our Monte Boyd – both with exclusive video footage. The recently released Lykia Prologue by Puls4r is featured as well.

Within the video, jump directly to…
Cursed Tomb
Knights & Slimes
Lykia Prologue

Full video:

Cursed Tomb Update
(News written on 23.07.2021)

It has been a while since we last posted about this action puzzle game by Zbigniew Ross (creator of YOOMP! 64). However, things are moving along quite nicely with Cursed Tomb:
– Levels have been tweaked/fine tuned;
– In addition to a disk version, cartridge versions have been created: both, GMod2 and EasyFlash formats will be available;
– Work on game manual has been started as well.

The game is under heavy testing by the QA team now. Stay tuned!

In development: new C64 games at Protovision
(News written on 26.06.2018)

We’re keeping things trasnsparent – we’d like to announce a few new C64 games, which are currently in development:

Briley Witch Chronicles – a humour-laden RPG with cat, based on the book series by Sarah Jane Avory.

Interview with Sarah:





Space Moguls – an ode to the underrated space game M.U.L.E. – with 4 Player Interface support.






Cursed Tomb – because who doesn’t like to raid tombs every now and then!







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