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Cursed Tomb

Cursed TombIt´s time for Fans of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider to get excited. You enter an ancient grave of unknown origin. On your adventure through the catacombs you will find many dangers such as ghosts, deadly artifacts, moving walls, hidden traps, teleports and a lot more. To survive this expedition alive your skill is required. Follow only the path of the treasures. Be smart and careful.
The game is reminiscent of classics like Gauntlet and Boulder Dash. The player will face 64 well-designed levels and the autosave feature ensures that you don’t have to start from scratch again.

Development Status:
In Development

Coding: Zbigniew Ross
Graphics: John Henderson, Zbigniew Ross
Music & SFX: Michael Brzeski
Project Management: Jakob Voos


Title Screen
Title Screen
Deep Jones
Galaxy View
Even more Tombs

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