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Welcome to Lykia – The Lost Island, an interactive Zelda-like open world adventure
with lots of puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover.

The story begins on Nora's 16th birthday.

Everything is like always. Or is it? Nora still has to unwrap her birthday presents...

As usual, her mother has a few little chores to do for her, but nothing too stressful, because everything is quiet in the small village.

Just like every day.


  • A large, beautifully designed world
  • A total of 580 screens to dwell through (on two continents)
  • Stunning intro and end sequences
  • 25 full Songs from musical genius Markus 'c0zmo' Jentsch
  • 40+ characters to interact with
  • Integrated hint system
  • 37 items that can be picked up and used throughout the game
  • Aprox. 2000 conversational lines of text
  • Comes on a newly introduced 1MB cartridge
  • Digital manual included on the game cartridge
  • Game progress can be saved on cartridge
  • With Protopad Support

Free Download:
Are you up for a foretaste for Lykia? In that case, download Lykia Prologue - Nathan's Journey now! Oh, and don't forget to read the instructions file and take a look at all items in your inventory...
Go get the free download here - we wish you a safe journey!

Official Trailer:

Development status:

Produced by: PULS4R
Distribution of cartridge version: Protovision
Main Code: Stefan Mader
Lead artist: Róbert Kisnémeth
Story: Olaf Nowacki
Music & SFX: Markus Jentsch
Additional Graphics: Rainer Mühr & Stefan Mader
Additional Code: Balázs Szabó, Imre Széll, Christian Bauer (and the Frodo staff)
Assistance: Lena Kilkka
Testing: Louie Dimovski, Jason Mackenzie, Tim Jakob Chen-Voos
Production of the cartridge version: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos


Status updates:

Lykia – work on update completed
(News written on 30.03.2024)

We are pleased to announce that the work on adjusting Lykia to work with our new cartridge design has been completed and we are ready to start producing the gold editions of the game. We expect to be able to start shipping these carts out to customers in 3 weeks. If you have changed your address since placing your order then be sure to let us know as soon as possible by sending us an email via our Contact webpage.

The duplication of Lykia standard carts will commence once we receive our large order of our brand new PCBs from our supplier.

Lykia Update
(News written on 19.02.2024)

As announced in our earlier post, our new cartridge design is now fully functional and tested to be working on C64s, C128s, Mega65, Ultimate64 and more!

However, we had to make adjustments to its design for various reasons, most notably the unavailability of certain components, which in turn means that the games to be used with it (such as Lykia) need adaptation. We are currently awaiting for the development team to make the required changes from their side and once we receive the updated build of Lykia, we will be able to start shipping (after another final test on our hardware).

Please note that shipping to all customers will take a number of months to complete as we only have limited capacity to process orders. We will first complete Gold cartridge orders before sending out the standard versions.

Lykia – The Lost Island Cartridge Pre-Order
(News written on 03.02.2023)

We are very pleased to be able to open up pre-orders for the standard cartridge version of Lykia – The Lost Island.

Receiving broad critical acclaim upon its digital release, Lykia is a fully immersive exploration game featuring over 580 screens, more than 40 interactive characters and 25 outstanding SID tracks. The game is so big that it will be one of the first games to be released on a 1MB Cart!

Lykia Gold Cart Pre-Order – Ending Soon
(News written on 22.01.2023)

Pre-orders for the Gold Cartridge version of „Lykia – The Lost Island“ will be ending on January 31. To be eligible to order this special edition, you must be a Protovision support via Patreon, Tipeee or the Protopad campaign or you purchased more than 250 Euros of items from the Protovision Shop. Lykia is an open world roleplaying game, comes on a 1MB cartridge and features a huge world to explore.

Lykia Gold Cartridge – Preorder open now!
(News written on 22.10.2022)

We are excited to reveal that Lykia – The Lost Island has been selected as our 2022 gold cartridge release! If you are a supporter of Protovision at Patreon or Tipeee or have ordered a lot in the past 365 days, you can preorder the gold cart edition of this wonderful and vast interactive Zelda-like open world adventure. Lykia comes on a specially developed cartridge as the game is so huge! The standard edition of Lykia will be available for order at a later point in time.

Free digital version of Lykia – The Lost Island
(News written on 15.07.2022)

The PULS4R team has released the digital version of Lykia – The Lost Island. This is a free download for the whole community to access from here. Lykia is a fully immersive exploration game featuring over 580 screens, more than 40 interactive characters and 25 outstanding SID tracks.

Lykia will receive a physical release courtesy from both Protovision (cartridge version) and Psytronik Software (disk version) at a later date. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to download and play the free digital version. If you happen to uncover any bugs in the digital version, then we would encourage you to report these to PULS4R as this will ensure they are fixed before the physical version is produced.

Lykia Prologue – VIPER’s Retrogame videos’ Longplay
(News written on 04.06.2022)

For the YouTube channel VIPER’s Retrogame Videos, a longplay to the C64 version of "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" has been created. So, you got the chance to see the full prequel of this promising production by PULS4R. However, beware of spoilers! 😉

Protovision will publish the main game Lykia – The Lost Island on cartridge.
In the meantime, download "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" (for both, 1541 and SD2IEC) here.

News from the scene: Vandalism News #72
(News written on 17.04.2022)

Issue #72 of the diskmag Vandalism News has been released at Revision Party 2022.
Protovision and friends are featured in this issue’s "The Market" chapter. Find out more about promising game projects such as Lykia – The Lost Island, Cursed Tomb, Stoker and maybe more.

Download at CSDb.

8-Bit Flo plays prequel of upcoming game ‘Lykia – The Lost Island’ [German]
(News written on 16.04.2022)

German YouTuber 8-Bit Flo checked out "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" – the prequel to Lykia – The Lost Island. In his nearly 45 minutes long video he not only covers a lot of gameplay, but also the story of the game and his opinion about it as well as on retro game developments in general.
Download "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" for free in our Lykia section.

C64 Round Up: April 2022 – Exclusive footage of Cursed Tomb
(News written on 08.04.2022)

Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Round Up April 2022 has an update on Cursed Tomb, our forthcoming game by Zbych. Furthermore it shows Knights & Slimes, a side project by our Monte Boyd – both with exclusive video footage. The recently released Lykia Prologue by Puls4r is featured as well.

Within the video, jump directly to…
Cursed Tomb
Knights & Slimes
Lykia Prologue

Full video:

sd2iec version of Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey out
(News written on 04.04.2022)

The mini game Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey takes place before the main game Lykia – The Lost Island and takes us to Rybolido, a small island southeast of Rybola. Great update: PULS4R created an sd2iec version of Lykia Prologue, included in the download now.

ZZap! 64 Micro Action Issue #7 featuring Lykia
(News written on 02.04.2022)

Lykia – The Lost Island, the upcoming C64 & Plus/4 JRPG hit by PULS4R, has been featured in the all-new ZZap! 64 #7. Here, the team grants some exclusive insights, e.g. about the motivation for the project, decisions about game design and achievements gained during development.

The magazine will go to the printers shortly. So not long until you can pick up your physical issue from Fusion Retro Books.

Patreons recently got access to the PDF. For details on how to subscribe to ZZap! 64 Micro Action, check Patreon.

Prequel to Lykia
(News written on 01.04.2022)

Are you eagerly anticipating the release of "Lykia: The Lost Island"? Well, you can now take a glimpse into its world. Download the mini game "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" for free from our Lykia section and jump right in! Make sure you read the instructions file to get the hang of it.

C64 Round Up: March 2022 featuring Lykia – The Lost Island Preview
(News written on 20.03.2022)

You probably heard of Lykia – The Lost Island, an open world adventure by PULS4R to be published by Psytronik in cooperation with Protovision. You may get excited as some exclusive video footage of it is included in C64 Round Up March 2022 by Retro Gamer Nation:

Protovision to provide the cartridge version of Lykia!
(News written on 15.02.2022)

We are so excited to announce that Protovision will be co-releasing the upcoming epic arcade adventure game – Lykia: The Lost Island by PULS4R. Our friends over at Psytronik Software will be looking after the disk and USB versions, while we will be handling the C64 cartridge version of Lykia. A release date has yet to be set, but in the meantime you can see what all the hype is about by checking out our new Lykia section including the latest game video trailer.

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