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Pieces II
Pieces IIPieces II is a puzzle. Bring together similar elements so they can dissolve. It would be unfair to present Pieces II as just the sequel to Pieces, as Pieces II is the first "legitimate implementation" as a game. Pieces itself was created by the cracker scene, combining previews, graphics and music to a game with the goal to rank highly in charts. Despite lacking the legal rights to do so, the low budget label "Paranormal Activities" distributed it anyway. The implementation was also lacking (among other things, sound effects and jingles were wrongly placed).

Pieces II was coded by Pawel Krol, who created various intros, demos, magazine engines and tools for the C64, and also the game "The Ball Preview".

Development status:
In development

Produced by: Oxyron
Distribution: Protovision
Coder: Pawel Krol
Graphics: Timo Buschmann
Sound&SFX: Thomas Manske
Developed with: DREAMASS & +60K Turbo Assembler

A preview is available! Please keep in mind that the preview doesn't reflect the latest development. Spread the preview as much as you can and like.


Pieces II Pieces II Pieces II Pieces II end

Status updates:

Pieces II – Mutating Blocks
(News written on 23.09.2011)

This week Pawel has accomplished implementation of mutating blocks feature into Pieces II game engine. That means that we are almost done with our coding efforts, and the only thing left to be done will now be level design. The only bad thing about mutating blocks is that the game engine got noticeably slower now (as now it additionally needs to calculate each possible mutation). However it is not slow enough to affect positive user experience.

Pieces II News
(News written on 31.08.2011)

Pawel returns with news on Pieces II: He has started coding the level editor as a cross-platform tool.

Vandalism News #55 – The Market
(News written on 01.05.2011)

Issue 55 of the high quality scene diskmag Vandalism News by Wrath Designs and Onslaught again collected some fine news on games in development. This includes some general information on Protovision and Metal Dust Mobile for cell phones, developed by Dark Crystal Entertainment. What the chapter does not tell is that the future of Metal Dust Mobile is uncertain at present.

There are also a few details about titles by our partners, such as:
– MK II by Los Burros del Soft
– Grubz by Singular
– La Carretera (aka The Road) by Los Burros del Soft
– Pieces II by Oxyron

Vandalism News #55 can be downloaded from CSDb.

Pieces II News and Preview released
(News written on 26.08.2010)

That is what happened on Pieces II this month:

  • NTSC fix finalized
  • Pressing space bar after entering player’s name for hi-scores did not work… Now it has been fixed!
  • Fixed correct message displaying of “Game Over”/“Well Done” in “The End” part
  • Entering player’s name for hi-score froze the game when a name was first typed, then deleted, and then confirmed by pressing the “RETURN” key – fixed!
  • Removed annoying blinking in the text area of “The End” part after user entered his name for hi-scores
  • Info screen and Protovision intro added
  • Successfully tested on the following hardware: C64 (PAL) with 1541, Oceanic, 1581, CMD-FD, CMD-HD, 1541U, IDE64; C128D (PAL) as well as C64 (NTSC) with 1541.

The Preview has been released by now and can be downloaded from CSDb.
Playing is done with a joystick in port 2. Alternatively, control also works via keyboard (WSAD keys and space bar). If you get stuck, you can give up the current attempt by pressing RUN/STOP.
Please feel free to leave comments at the CSDb entry.
CSDb entry

Pieces II News
(News written on 01.08.2010)

Here is what Pawel has managed to accomplish this weekend:

  • Support for alternative device numbers (removed all hard-coded references to device #8)
  • IDE64 compatibility (verified on real hardware with Pawel’s own IDE64 device)
  • Removed some flickering at the lower border, which appeared on a C64C and has been a little disturbing

Pieces II News
(News written on 22.07.2010)

NTSC fixing of Pieces II is almost done. Pawel has been testing the game today after the changes he made to the code, and it all seems good.

Pieces II News
(News written on 06.07.2010)

Pawel has done another small fix for Oxyron’s game today. Namely, he has fixed the situation when the “hi.scores” file has been deleted from disk accidentally (or on purpose? 😉 ). Previously in such situation random characters were displayed on the screen and the whole high scores file handling (loading/saving) was broken. Now even if there is no such file on the disk, everything will work as it should (default hi-score data is kept in memory).

Pieces II News
(News written on 05.07.2010)

Here is a summary of what Pawel has done on Pieces II last weekend:

  • Now using the Covert Bitops loader system (so that we can be compatible to most drives and NTSC)
  • Fixed a bug in the preview reported previously by JTR: “I played through all levels, entered my name into the highscore list and returned to the main menu. Now I cannot restart the game! It does not react on my fire button anymore! I think that’s a bug.”

Work on NTSC fixing the game has now begun.

Pieces II News
(News written on 29.06.2010)

Oxyron has been hard-working! The following features have been implemented into Pieces II:

  • Possibility of using keyboard in addition to joystick (WSAD keys + space bar). Since space bar is now emulating joystick fire button, to give up a level you must now press RUN/STOP instead of space bar.
  • In the title screen, the 1×2 single color hires font has been replaced with a new 1×2 multicolor charset by Timo.

More fixes are to come: The next task Pawel is going to work on is installing a decent IRQ loader system.

Pieces II News
(News written on 31.05.2010)

The preview of the puzzle game Pieces II by Oxyron has already been presented at Forever 10 Party in Slovakia in 2009.

Pawel has compiled his ToDo list, which among other things includes installing a new fastloader and NTSC fixing the game. Furthermore, Timo created a really nice multicolor font. It should fit perfectly into the game start screen and replace the currently used mono-color font. Currently, Pawel is just writing a converter for it.

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