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1541 Diagnostic Cartridge

1541 Diagnostic Cartridge

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25,00 EUR

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Stock: 20 units!

You know the problem: your disk drive behaves strange and you'd like to load a test program, but the drive simply won't load... this has an end now!

The 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge has all the software you need and loads nicely from your expansion port.

Included functionality:
- Alignment Check
- Show BAM
- Send Disk Command
- Sector error scan
- Fast format / Valdate disk
- Head exerciser (complete control over the read/write head)
- Reverse knock test
- Speed check
- Performance test
- Sector view


English customer reviews:

Author: Josip B. am 2017-12-12
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Great cartrigde, exellent package, also small printed manual.
Great work guys.

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