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Manufacturer: Bobr Games
Bobr Games
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Stock: 9 units!

We recommend this game.

This critically acclaimed Commodore 64 game puts you into the shoes of the android L–3573–R, a guardian droid on the Space Station Factory controlled by a rogue AI. Will you be able to figure out what happened to the station and solve the problem?
The game offers more than 60 rooms of the Space Station, filled with diverse enemies and environmental puzzles. During the quest, L–3573–R will be able to upgrade its’ weapon, collect items and use a few special powers.

In a small and glossy cardboard box you will find:
  •     the game on cartridge
  •     a 16 page manual booklet, containing detailed information about the game
  •     a magnet shaped like android L-3573-R
  •     a folded map presenting the world of the game
  •     a round badge
  •     a postcard
  •     some stickers

You can check the digital version of the game at Knifegrinder’s page. Cover design by Vanja "Mermaid" Utne.

English customer reviews:

Author: Jakob K. am 2024-01-14
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Got the interactive LED cart.
I’m not the worlds biggest fan of platformers. But the gameplay in this one is really balanced and has nice saving features. You just want to progress. Graphics are excellent and nice sound effects too. Nice puzzlles and great level design.
It’s a must have for me and surely is a candidate to be the game of the year.


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