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Yeti Mountain (Download)

Yeti Mountain (Download)

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This item is available immediately!

It’s been happening a lot lately, but this last disappearance is different, at least to me. Chris Piriah is my friend. He was a ski instructor and in excellent physical condition. He knows his way around mountain ranges. This doesn’t sound right. I need to head on over to Yeti Lodge Resort and find out what has happened to him.

Yeti Mountain is a multi-genre interactive adventure game developed by a talented team headed by Russell Mills. Spread out across three distinct episodes as you set out to Yeti Lodge Resort to investigate the suspicious disappearance of your best friend Chris.

The first episode is a quest based RPG-style exploration game where you interact with characters, participate in ski events and explore the Resort surroundings in order to uncover clues.

The second episode provides multi-scrolling platform action as you gain entrance to the Yeti’s lair and explore its diverse environments filled with traps and subterranean fauna.

The final episode sees you take to the slopes again as you ski your way down to the bottom of Yeti Mountain - stopping along the way to partake in some casual puzzle solving as you try to restore power back to emergency warning stations.

  • Multi-genre gaming styles - quest based exploration, skiing mini games, multi-scrolling action platforming, puzzle based platform and more!
  • Intricate supernatural story narrative
  • Non-linear game play
  • Three different game world settings
  • Sophisticated ski engine with multi-directional scrolling, two degrees of turning left or right and randomised course layouts
  • Multiple endings based on choices you make during the game
  • NPC characters and interaction littered with pop culture references from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s
  • Optional side quests
  • High quality cinematic cut scenes
  • Atmospheric SID music soundtrack (21 carefully crafted sound pieces!)
  • In game saves
  • PAL and NTSC compatible
Yeti Mountain (Download)Yeti Mountain (Download)Yeti Mountain (Download)Yeti Mountain (Download)Yeti Mountain (Download)Yeti Mountain (Download)Yeti Mountain (Download)Yeti Mountain (Download)

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Compatibility:PAL, NTSC, THE64 Mini/Maxi

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