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Reviews for: Sam's Journey

Date: 2019-12-24
Author: Anton Schneider-Michallek - M.E.G.A. e.V.
Reviews for: Sam's Journey


This is a brilliant game !!!

Since we're in the process of building the MEGA65 we are constantly looking for
software to challenge our machine. Sam's Journey is definetly such a game !

It runs directly out-of-the box on the MEGA65.
There is nothing we could criticize. So colorful graphics, a constantly changing,
very lovely soundtrack, a fast-paced, addicting game.
This is by far, the best Jump'n Run we've ever seen on the Commodore 64. That's why we are so happy, that it runs so smooth, in PAL and NTSC on the MEGA65.
(I would say, it pushed The Great Giana Sisters from it's throne).
Everybody from the team fell in love with it immediately.

The game came, in a beautiful designed box.
you can see the love for detail in every single piece. The white cartridge, the small treasurechest, the cards. It is worth every single cent !

Sam's Journey is a perfect example of a modern game, programmed for the C64 to support and revive the 8-bit charme of the 80's era !
It squeezes the last bit out of our beloved breadbin and doesn't need to fear a comparisson with modern jump'n runs !

To conclude: Sam's Journey goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the MEGA65 and will be one of our showcase games, when presenting the MEGA65 !
A must have for every C64/C128/MEGA65 owner !

Thank you Knights of Bytes ! Thank you Protovision !

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!

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