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Sam's Journey

Sams Journey

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Stock: 47 units!

Sam's Journey is a brand-new original scrolling platform game developed by the Knights of Bytes for the Commodore 64 home computer and published by Protovision. It's about a cute little hero called Sam who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a strange world and can be ordered digitally or in an 80s' style cardboard box.

Protovision is proud to present Sam's journey from Knights of Bytes, probably the most ambitioned platform game for the Commodore 64 of all times!

If you are searching for the download version of Sam and can't find it in our shop: for legal reasons it is only displayed while you are logged in to the Protovision shop.

Sam comes in a fully printed cardboard box, and in the box you'll find:
  • The game! Either on cartridge or on two floppy disks or both
  • A carefully crafted manual
  • A world map of the game (all 3 overworld maps were combined)
  • A treasure chest with diamonds
  • 7 Sam cards showing the 7 costumes that Sam can collect throughout the game
  • a tamper proof holographic sticker is placed into the inside of the box
Optionally, you can order these additional items:
  • The Sam's Journey original soundtrack on audio CD
  • The official Sam's Journey poster
If you order the audio CD, you can also obtain a digital version of the CD. Please drop us a note about it in the order if you want to receive the digital audio files.

If you take the cartridge edition, you can chose between the international/English version or the Spanish version. If you chose the Spanish version, both the game and the box/manual are translated to Spanish.

As a side note, you can say that each Sam is unique, because the boxes (among other things) are handcraft.

The digital edition of Sam's Journey is included with every order of a physical edition of Sam!
It consists of:
  • Sam disk version PAL (4 d64 files)
  • Sam disk version NTSC (4 d64 files)
  • Sam cartridge version PAL English (GMod2 files)
  • Sam cartridge version PAL Spanish (GMod2 files)
  • Sam THEC64 mini version (crt and cjm files)
  • Manual as PDF
Note for cartridge versions: the cartridge files are currently emulated only by VICE 3.1+. They cannot be used with an EasyFlash cartridge or 1541 Ultimate. For the disk versions, these limitations do not apply.

Although Sam is quite small, he can run very fast and jump even higher. That's why the camera has to hurry up and keep track, no matter where he's going!

Sam has a variety of basic moves. While running and jumping are obvious skills, his ability to climb makes him able to reach new heights. And with his free diving skill, he can explore the underwater passages of the deep sea.

The world of Sam's Journey is not only a visual one. Every scenery that Sam traverses on his journey comes with its own unique song that emphasizes the location's atmosphere.

Game Features:
  • Classic 8-Bit Platform Action
  • Very colorful Graphics
  • Fast Free-Directional Scrolling
  • Many Basic Moves Plus Climbing And Swimming
  • 6 Special Costumes With Additional Skills
  • 3 Overworld Maps
  • 27 Huge Levels With Multiple Sections
  • 2000 Screens To Be Explored
  • 14 Different Graphical Settings
  • 19 Beautiful Tunes
  • Sound Effects
  • Hidden Items To Be Found
  • Secret Passages To Be Discovered
  • Checkpoint System
  • Savegame Option, also on Cartridge

Important information for NTSC users: The NTSC version of Sam is only available on disk and requires a REU (any size) or a REU emulation (e.g. 1541 Ultimate or Turbo Chameleon 64).
Sams JourneySams JourneySams JourneySams JourneySams JourneySams JourneySams JourneySams Journey

Product features

Compatibility:PAL, NTSC, THE64 Mini/Maxi

English customer reviews:

Author: Søren L. am 2021-01-01
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


This game is amazing! By far the best platformer on the C64. Ever.
So fast. So smooth. So playable. Fantastic level design. Clever little puzzles.

You should never say never. But doubt this platformer will ever be improved upon.

Author: Anton Schneider-Michallek - M.E.G.A. e.V. am 2019-12-24
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


This is a brilliant game !!!

Since we're in the process of building the MEGA65 we are constantly looking for
software to challenge our machine. Sam's Journey is definetly such a game !

It runs directly out-of-the box on the MEGA65.
There is nothing we could criticize. So colorful graphics, a constantly changing,
very lovely soundtrack, a fast-paced, addicting game.
This is by far, the best Jump'n Run we've ever seen on the Commodore 64. That's why we are so happy, that it runs so smooth, in PAL and NTSC on the MEGA65.
(I would say, it pushed The Great Giana Sisters from it's throne).
Everybody from the team fell in love with it immediately.

The game came, in a beautiful designed box.
you can see the love for detail in every single piece. The white cartridge, the small treasurechest, the cards. It is worth every single cent !

Sam's Journey is a perfect example of a modern game, programmed for the C64 to support and revive the 8-bit charme of the 80's era !
It squeezes the last bit out of our beloved breadbin and doesn't need to fear a comparisson with modern jump'n runs !

To conclude: Sam's Journey goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the MEGA65 and will be one of our showcase games, when presenting the MEGA65 !
A must have for every C64/C128/MEGA65 owner !

Thank you Knights of Bytes ! Thank you Protovision !

Author: Martin B. am 2019-01-30
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Genial gemachtes Spiel.
Wohl das beste Jump 'n' Run für den 64er.

Author: Stephan P. am 2018-07-30
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Heel leuk spel echt een aanrader het is spel is best mooi getekent voor een C64 en je hebt er best een aantal uren speel plezier in het spel is ook goed speelbaar de kaarten met de karakters van sam is ook erg leuk bedacht bovendien zit er ook een mooie schatkist bij met kristalen. als je dit spel besteld is de verzending ook best snel.

Stephan pot.

Author: James M. am 2018-03-17
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!



after having played the amazing new title that is 'Sam's Journey', for many weeks now, since receiving my physical cartridge copy,
I can safely say it's one of the best games EVER for the C64. It is EASILY the most playable game i've ever experienced on our beloved 8 bit computer,
with each level offering many restart points in the form of flags that you simply walk past, and the game remembers where you were up to and starts you
there again should you die, if only all our other favourite C64 games had been made like this....sigh! Also, the fact that you can save your game on the
cartridge version is a massive help, and makes the game feel more modern that way, I think it would be such a drag if you had to write level codes down
for example.

The game has some of the most beautiful graphics i've EVER seen on the 64, infact I had to remind myself while playing it earlier this evening that i'm
NOT playing this on an Amiga, honestly, anyone would be forgiven for thinking this game is running on an Amiga as it looks so bloody lovely.
It runs very fast too, and so damn smooth. Somehow I have a feeling that this game has now set a benchmark for a certain standard in all future games.
You may find while you're in the middle of playing this that you will just stop, sit back, then smile to yourself, as you admire the lovely,
colourful and animated graphics/backgrounds, such as the flowing waterfalls, the jumping fish (avoid these buggers at all costs, they're not friendly :-D )
and the moving water, or the splashing's a real beauty trust me :) You will feel truly blessed and lucky that people are STILL showing your
30+ years old hardware this much love and attention :)

The creators are some seriously talented people, and are clearly not just C64 fans/players/creators, but are also big fans of gaming in general,
and as you progress through this game, you will notice this. There are nods of appreciation towards classic Nintendo games such as 'Donkey Kong Country'
(the pesky wasps, and the barrels you have to jump into to be fired off into otherwise unreachable areas remind you straight away of DKC), then there's
the little nod towards the classic 'Super Mario' games, with the huge angry looking stomping stones, first seen on the 'Elephant Tree' level that I
completed just this evening (do not get caught under said stomping stones by the way, it won't end well :-D ).

As for the music, these tunes will get in your head and get you humming in no time, and fit each level wonderfully, for example the music on the
pyramid level is suitably Egyptian in style, and you will get hooked on that trust me ha ha :)

To sum up, I guess I would say that this beautiful game is THE most playable, the most colourful, the smoothest, and no doubt the BEST game you will play
on your Commodore 64 in 2018. If Zzap 64 mag was still published, they'd have given this 100% easily, they gave 'Mayhem In Monsterland' that much and
if you ask me (as nice as that game is) 'Sam's Journey' is WAAAAY better.

Right, I best get back to playing now, i'm currently 46% through it, and that's with ALL levels completed 100%, with all diamonds, coins, and trophies

Cheers, Sam, and cheers Protovision! :-D

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