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Thalamus Kickstarter Project online NOW!
Written by Protovision

Thalamus is planning a number of new C64 game releases within its new REMASTERED EDITION series.

The first game is a strongly improved version of Hunter’s Moon with gameplay tweaks and more levels, among other things.

Extremely cool in this Kickstarter campaign is the involvement of e.g. Martin Walker, Robin Levy, Steve Day, Steve Thompson, Oliver Frey and Matt Gray, who will compose new C64 music if the related stretch goal is reached!!

Also Protovision is involved in the project.

Later on, completely new titles like Creatures 3 might become reality.
But all of this is only going to happen if the initial Kickstarter project is successful.

So, show Thalamus that we are ready and willing to take them back and
support this amazing Kickstarter campaign now!

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