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USB-Sticks in C64-Look wieder auf Lager

Suchst du etwas Cooles? Wie wäre es mit einem USB-Stick in Form eines Commodore 64-Brotkastens? Trage deine Daten mit Stolz mit diesem hochwertigen 16-GB-Speichergerät. Sieh ihn dir im Protovision Shop genauer an und bestelle gleich mehrere!

C64 shaped USB sticks back in stock

Looking for something cool? How about a USB stick in the shape of a Commodore 64 breadbin? Be the envy of your C64 friends with this high quality 16GB storage device. You know you want one, so have a closer look at the Protovision Shop and place your order!

Brotkasten GOLD CD – Jetzt erhältlich!

Hier ist etwas Besonderes, um deine Retro-Gaming-Sammlung zu ergänzen. Die Brotkasten GOLD CD ist eine Zusammenstellung von Emulatoren, Spielen, Demos und Disk-Mags, die in den späten 1990er Jahren in Deutschland verkauft wurde. Die CD hat ein deutschsprachiges Benutzermenü und funktioniert auf Windows, Amiga und PC-Geos!

Brotkasten GOLD CD – Available Now!

Here is something special to add to your retro gaming collection. The Brotkasten GOLD CD is a great compilation of emulators, games, demos and disk-mags that was previously sold throughout Germany in the late 1990s. The CD has a German based user menu and works on Windows, Amiga and PC-Geos!

Wieder auf Lager: C64 Vinyl Tribute #2 !

Ihr liebt eure SID-Musik, besonders wenn sie auf Vinyl ist. Wenn du es vor ein paar Wochen verpasst hast, dir ein Exemplar des C64 Vinyls Tribute #2 zu sichern, dann wird es dich freuen, dass wir eine weitere Charge dieser großartigen Vinyl-Veröffentlichung erhalten haben. Schnapp sie dir, bevor sie wieder ausverkauft ist!

Back in stock: C64 Vinyl Tribute #2 !

You guys sure love your SID music, especially when its on vinyl. If you missed out on securing a copy of the C64 Vinyls Tribute #2 a couple of weeks ago then you will be excited to hear that we have have received another batch of this great vinyl release. Grab them quick before we sell out again!

Plus/4 Dust Cover jetzt auf Lager!

Du hast einen wunderbaren Commodore Plus/4 und möchten ihn vor Staub und fiesen Spritzern schützen, die immer wieder aus dem Nichts auftauchen. Nun, wir haben genau das Richtige für dich – robuste und flexible Hüllen aus Kodura-Stoff. Sie sehen nicht nur gut aus, sondern werden auch in Deutschland hergestellt, na dann müssen sie ja gut sein.

Plus/4 Dust Covers now available!

So you have a wonderful Commodore Plus/4 machine and want to protect it against dust and nasty splashes that always seem to appear out of nowhere. Well, we have the thing just for you – sturdy and flexible covers made of Kodura fabric. Not only do they look great but they are made in Germany, so you know they are great!

Neuer Artikel – C64 Vinyl Tribute #2

Die Commodore 64 Vinyl Tribute #2 – eine großartige SID-Sammlung mit Musik von bekannten Musikern der Chiptune- und Demoszene – findet ihren Weg in den Protovision Shop. Diese LP mit Gatefold-Cover wird auf 180 Gramm Vinyl präsentiert und ist ein Muss für alle Chiptune-Fans. Auch als Audio-CD erhältlich.

New Stock Item – C64 Vinyl Tribute #2

Spinning its way into the Protovision Shop is the Commodore 64 Vinyl Tribute #2 – a great SID collection of music by well known musicians within the Chiptune and Demoscene. This gatefold record is presented on 180 gram vinyl for superior listening quality and is a must buy for all chiptune fans. This release is also available as an Audio CD.

Maverick v5 and 1541 Speed Control box now available

Considered by many to be the top gun of software duplication suites, we have limited units of Maverick v5 in stock. The Maverick v5 is the most versatile disk utility set ever created for the Commodore 64 and the 1541, 1571 and 1581 disk drives. It comes with a 50 page manual. Order yours quick before we sell out!

The perfect accompaniment to the Maverick v5, the 1541 Speed Control Box will make the process of archiving a breeze. Once you have installed this handy device to your 1541 disk drive, you can adjust the drive speed at will with the simple twist of the dial.


Hol dir deinen C128 jetzt in ganz klein!

Die Liebe für deinen Commodore 128 zeigt man am besten direkt am Schlüsselbund – mit unserem originalgeträuen C128-Miniaturmodell als Schlüsselanhänger. Die Schlüsselanhänger sind aufwändig produziert und bieten eine enorme Detailtreue, sie sehen fantastisch aus!

Grab your C128 mini keychain now!

What better way than to show off your love for your Commodore 128 by ordering one of our C128 miniature model keychains. The keychains are highly detailed and look simply awesome. Order yours now!

Additional Protovision News Author wanted

Would you like to get involved in the Protovision team? We need someone to help us keep the news coming. We would throw news topics at you and you reliably create news texts from them that are orthographically correct and beautiful to read. A bonus would be if you are from DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). We are looking for someone who is able to keep commitment over a longer time. As we are hobbyists, there is no money to earn though. Still interested? Then contact us!


Hi-Score LP and Game Disk Now Available!

Looking to pump out some pure 80s style retro bliss from your hi-fi system? Then you can’t go wrong with the latest vinyl music release from 8 Bits High. "Hi-Score" is a fabulous long play record featuring 12 SID music tracks.
This bundle includes a physical disk of "Hi-Score", the game – a challenging shooter created by the maniacal mind of Misfit.

TFC3+ in stock now!

The TFC3+ is an enhanced version of the popular The Final Cartridge freezer/fastload cartridge. We just restocked this versatile cart. However, stock won’t last long, so be quick to place your order in our Online Shop before we sell out again!

Modern day C64 enhancements!

We have some great modern day devices to let you get the most out of your Commodore machines! Are you looking to load games off an SD Card at an affordable price? Then we have the cableless version of SD2IEC. How about a RAMBoard expansion for your trusty Commodore disk drives? Do you need an extra cartridge port? Then look no further than the Mini X-Pander+. Well, we stock these (along with so much more) within our Online Shop. Place your orders now!

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