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RF Modulator Replacement

RF Modulator Replacement

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The C64 RF Modulator replacement based on the schematics of similar designs like Zero-X/OMS's Modified Commodore RF Modulator Design and JMP$FCE2's S-Video only design. This board can be used
  1. to replace a damaged or defective RF modulator in your C64,
  2. to improve the sharpness of your video output,
  3. or as a modern solution to replace the composite/luma/chroma output functionality of the original modulator on new motherboards such as the SixtyClone or Bwack’s KU-14194.

This design has a few goals that set it apart from the others -
  • It is a universal solution that fits and is electrically compatible with both the C64 and C64C without having to change components on the board or run jumper wires for power.
  • It is easy and inexpensive to build with only a single, small PCB and all through-hole components.
  • It provides high quality S-Video (Y/C) output while maintaining composite video output for compatibility.
  • It provides adjustable luma/chroma output levels to fine-tune the S-video signal. This allows for the best possible compatibility with a wide variety of different board revisions, VIC chips, aging components and monitors. Adjustable levels mean this board can also be used with s-video cables with or without an inline resistor to eliminate “checkerboarding” caused by too high of a chroma level.
This RF modulator replacement is compatible with motherboard revisions 250407, 250425, 250466, and 250469, and both NTSC and PAL VIC-II chips. It should also be compatible with Bwack's KU-14194 board since it uses the standard longboard RF modulator.

It is not compatible, however, with the early revision 326298-01 boards with the 5 Pin AV Output. This revision uses a different modulator pin layout, and the video signals are not combined in the modulator. They are instead processed with discrete components inside the VIC-II can.
RF Modulator Replacement

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