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The popular cartridge was improved so that it is now compatible to SD2IEC and holds 17 additional tools. The Final Cartridge III+ is now available from our shop. Buy it here.

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We now offer a well manufactured version of the popular SD2IEC storage device for the C64. This version needs no cable since it connects directly to the serial port and gets its power from the cassette port. The serial port is available on the back of the device to connect further devices. Additionally, this SD2IEC is based on the ATMEGA1264 microcontroller and allows for updates of the firmware, which is not possible with all SD2IEC devices on the market! Buy it here.

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OVP64 (Over Voltage Protector) now available
If you plug the OVP64 between the power adapter and the C64 it protects the C64 from damage done by voltage peaks. This useful device is available now from our shop with and without casing. Here

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Both Space Moguls and MAH v2.0 were received very well by the jury for the Game of the Year Award of the Reset64 magazine and got good reviews. In the overall ranking Space Moguls reached the third place. Congratulations to the Space Moguls team! More Infos here:

Buy Space Moguls

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This new racing game developed by 8bit-Dude supports up to 4 players, local or online (using the Uthernet, DragonCart or RR-Net). Download:

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Cosmic Force is a Shoot’em Up of Shoot’em Ups. It combines the different game mechanics of Galaga, Defender and Star Wars to create a varied gaming experience. The SID sound is made by Rob Hubbard and Jason Page and just the music playing in the background of the kickstarter video is enough for me to want more. Check it out here.

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At long last, the stylishly-packaged cartridge version Hunter’s Moon Remastered by Thalamus now available exclusively from the exclusively from the Protovision shop, boasting new levels by Martin Walker, new music from Matt Gray and new graphics from Robin Levy!

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Since Pond Software gave the distribution of their games to Poly.Play we now have a new version of The Bear Essentials and the multiplatform adventure Hibernated 1 in our shop.

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We have new hardware available in our shop now!

PLAnkton is a replacement for the PLA chip of the C64 and it is compatible with all mainboards (except 250469) and all cartridges we know of.

TOLB is a replacement for the clock generator chip MOS 8701 of the C64 and C128. We offer the PAL version in our shop now.

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The following cartridges and expansions are back in stock in our shop:

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