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ZZap! 64 Annual 2021: Four Protovision games reviewed
Written by Protovision

The ZZap! 64 Annual 2021 has started to make its way to backers of the Kickstarter campaign. This awesome book includes strong positive reviews of four Protovision titles:

This high-quality publication is available to order from Fusion Retro Books now.

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Monstro Giganto featuring Lobo graphics is available!
Written by Protovision

The eagerly anticipated release of Monstro Giganto is available for pre-order from our friends at RGCD. This fun arcade style beat 'em up features large well animated PETSCII graphics by Lobo/Protovision. The game package is beautifully presented with eye-popping cover art and manual illustrations – also from Lobo.

Pre-order cartridge from RGCD Shop!
Digital Download will be available soon at

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Lotek64: Zeta Wing & Soul Force reviewed [German]
Written by Protovision

Lotek64 conducts a unique review of two of our award winning games – Zeta Wing and Soul Force – in order to discuss whether they bring anything new to the shoot 'em up genre. The insightful report looks back at notable shooters from the past and identifies how both Zeta Wing and Soul Force push the boundaries on the C64.
You can read this article here – Shooters on C64: Little room for improvement.

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Beyond The Scanlines #53: Soul Force
Written by Protovision

In episode 53 of his vlog Beyond The Scanlines hellfire64 took a closer look at our shooter Soul Force.
With creating this video review he did an excellent job! Not only he captured from a real C64. He also did well in explaining what the strengths of this game are.
Watch this episode on YouTube:

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Outrage as an Example for Persistence
Written by Protovision

Arnold Blueml (Arny of Cosmos Designs) posted an interesting article highlighting how persistence is one of the key ingredients to success. Using the recently completed Run and Gun Outrage – available from Protovision here – Arnold’s inspirational post is a wonderful journey of bringing a game to release after 30 years!
Read the article on LinkedIn.

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ZZap! 64 Micro Action #1 – Soul Force & Outrage reviewed
Written by Protovision

Fusion Retro Books recently published the first issue of ZZap! 64 Micro Action. This great new publication features:

  • a review of our shooting star Soul Force, scoring an overall rating of 95% (ZZap! 64 Sizzler)
  • an Outrage review, achieving a blasting overall rating of 79%
  • a cover story about our friends in Cosmos Designs, along with a timeline of all their published games

In fact, Soul Force is the first game to receive a ZZap! 64 Sizzler Award under this fine magazine.

Free 7-page Teaser (CD games timeline Sample & Outrage review): Download
Free 28-page Sampler issue: Download from Fusion Retro Books
Full magazine: Purchase from Fusion Retro Books
ZZap! 64 Micro Action subscription: Patreon

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Soul Force – Pending Orders Ready For Processing
Written by Protovision

Great news for all customers with pending orders of Soul Force. We have received the missing package components from our supplier and will soon start processing these orders as a priority.
We hope to have all orders shipped out over the next couple of weeks.

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Soul Force – NTSC update & Outstanding Orders
Written by Protovision

We have identified a bug on the Icicka stage of Soul Force that appears only on NTSC machines. This bug has been resolved and you can access the Soul Force update via the original download link supplied to you previously.

For those who are still waiting to receive their physical copies of Soul Force – we have had to pause processing your orders as one of our UK based suppliers is currently not in a position to supply us with some of the package components. The supplier will be able to fulfil our order in the upcoming weeks but in the meantime we apologise for the additional delay in getting your physical copies. We will post an update to confirm when we are in a position to process the outstanding orders.

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Reset64 #13 released: Wormhole reviewed
Written by Protovision

After 18 long months, a new issue of the awesome Reset magazine is finally here. Next to reviews of many other recent C64 games, Kevin Tilley (Unkle K) and Rob Caporetto (Hellfire64) had a look at our Glide ’n‘ Gun Wormhole.
Furthermore, the new Mix-i-Disk features Bucket Wars 1.3 – a great little strategy game by Daniel Hotop (Oziphantom) of Protovision.
The issue also mentions other Protovision titles, such as Neutron (within the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2019 article) as well as MW Ultra and Soul Force (in the news).
For the cover topic "Train themed games" selected guests were invited to write about their favorite train game, our very own Jakob Voos (Jak T Rip) being among them.
Download the PDF as "pay what you want" from!
Printed versions of both Reset64 #12 and #13 are planned. Stay tuned!

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Protovision reaches 10,000 orders!
Written by Protovision

Just before we temporarily closed our Shop to orders of physical items a few days ago, we reached a significant milestone of receiving our 10,000th order since we opened the online shop way back in 2003!
This is a great achievement and we thank you all for your patronage across all these years.
We look forward to serving you in the near future when we fully re-open our store on June 1st, 2021.


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