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Micromys v5 – the PS/2 mouse adapater is back in stock

We have restocked our supply of the PS/2 mouse adapter Micromys V5. This handy adapter allows you to use a more modern mouse device to emulate a 1351 mouse.

As an added bonus, the Micromys V5 is also compatible with the Amiga, VIC-20, 8 bit Atari and Atari ST machines.

Back in stock – 4 Player Adapter

We have restocked our popular 4 player adapters!

A wide range of C64 games are available that make use of it, including a number of great Protovision titles such as Muddy Racers, Bomb Mania, Hockey Mania, Tanks 3000 and Team Patrol.

Space-Rat coming to the C64

Ziggy, the iconic space-rat from the German magazine ASM is about to make a comeback in the form of a C64 graphical text adventure titled Space-Rat – Cult of Nonsenses.

Created using the D42 Adventure System, we are excited to announce that Space-Rat will be released as a Protovision title.

To keep up to date with the latest development on all things Space-Rat, make sure you follow the games progress here.

New stock item – Andy’s Utility Cartridge 150101

You got to give it to Andy – he really knows how to put cartridge together.

Andy’s Utility Cartridge 150101 is a collection of 11 utilities and 2 bonus programs. 64 Doctor, Fast Loader, 1541 Alignment and a lot more can be found on this handy yellow cartridge.

New stock item – C128D keyboard to C64 adapter

Have you ever wished that you could use the C128D Keyboard with your Commodore 64? Well, we are about to make your day as we have stocked the Protovision Shop with an adapter that allows you to do this!

Available with or without an extension cable, the C128D keyboard to C64 adapter is only available in limited numbers so you better be quick before the sell out.

8in1 Diag multirom cart added to Protovision Shop

The 8in1 Diag multirom cart from C64Lovers contains multiple cartridges in one device. It contains 8 different ROMs, including two types of Dead Test, C64 Diag, C1541 Diag, C128 Dig and more.

The Protovision Shop has a limited number of these versatile carts and are sure to sell out quickly.

Retro Fruit Jellies – Yummy!

Here is something different from the Protovision Shop – retro theme fruit jelly. Be the envy of your friends as you snack in style while playing your favourite retro games. These high quality fruit jelly comes in two varieties – Tetris and Space Invaders and are full of natural ingredients and vital gaming vitamins.

Lots of great items back in stock

Our Protovison Shop has been restocked with many great items to get the most from your favourite Commodore machine.

The SD2IEC cableless, C128 GEOS ROM, TFC3+, 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge and Mini X-Pander are now available to order once again.

cynthCART64 Goes Green!

The Protovision Shop has a new batch of cynthCART64 in stock. Turn your C64 into an analog synthesizer with this handy cartridge.

The Protovision Shop version of the cynthCART64 all come in a green cartridge.

A Pig Quest Physical Cart update

We have some positive news for customers who pre-ordered the physical cartridge editions of A Pig Quest.

We were able to get the game boxes produced before our supplier shut down permanently. We had to pay a premium, but we felt this was the right action for us to take so as to not add any further delay to the delivery of the physical carts.

On the cartridge PCB front, we have continued to experience frustration with getting the new design finalized. After resolving the initial issue around EU regulation compliance, we had to deal with PCB components no longer being available. We are pleased to say that the latest revision to the PCB has passed its initial testing. We will need to conduct further testing on different hardware configurations but we are hopeful of being very close to starting production in a few weeks if all goes well with these tests. Once production has started it will still take months to actually deliever all orders.

We’ll provide a further update when the production run commences but we would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and support.


RF Modulator Replacement Now Available

If you want to improve the video output of your C64 or have a defective RF Modulator then the RF Modulator Replacement is for you. This great modern day RF solution is compatible with with most motherboard revisions and works with either NTSC or PAL VIC-II chips. The RF Modular Replacement comes in both assembly kit form and as fully assembled if you are not good with the soldering iron. Place your order here.

New Bobr Games in stock

Great news! The Protovision Shop now stocks three of the latest cartridge games from Bobr Games. We have limited supplies of Tenebra 2, the story based action adventure CAIM and the fun action game Mike Mech for you. Be quick and place your order now.

Bobr Games Restocked

It is time to complete your collection of C64 cartridge games from Bobr Games. The Protovision Shop has restocked supplies of the following titles: Robot Jet Action, Underwater Collection, Knights & Slimes, Millie & Molly, and Double Dino. But don’t wait too long to place your order as these games always sell out real quick.

Sam’s Journey NES version Pre-Orders

Have you heard the news? Sam’s Journey, the most successful commercial C64 game in the modern era, is coming to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Our friends over at Poly.Play will be handling the distribution of the NES version and have opened up pre-orders for both the standard and ultimate edition of Sam’s Journey. This is one game that NES enthusiasts will not want to miss!

Podcast interview with Protovision

Be sure to catch the latest episode of the New Game Old Flame podcast featuring our very own Malte Mundt aka ThunderBlade to talk about all things Protovision. Grab yourself a cool drink and settle back as Malte spends over 2 hours discussing our history, how we select games, how do we collectively come together to help with game production and much more. Go listen to the podcast here or search for New Game Old Flame on your favourite podcast catcher.

Cursed Tomb now available!

Get ready to test your mind and reflexes with our latest C64 arcade puzzle adventure – Cursed Tomb. Explore your way through creepy catacombs, collecting treasure as you navigate your way around many dangers such as ghosts, deadly artifacts, moving walls, hidden traps, teleports and a lot more. Cursed Tomb is available in digital, diskette and cartridge editions with physical editions are in stock – shipping starts in May.

D42-Adventure System – make your own classic adventure

Ever had the desire to develop your own graphic adventure game but don’t know how to code? Then you will be pleased to here that the Protovision Shop now stocks the D42-Adventure System. This construction kit set allows you to build sophisticated graphical adventures without any programming skills. The kit includes an editor, game engine (German and English) and an extensive manual (German only).

A Pig Quest Update

Due to its size, A Pig Quest will be presented on a new cartridge design that we are currently developing. This process has been slow as we have run into issues with the original PCB prototype not being compliant with EU laws and then the revised prototypes being held up in customs for over 3 months. The good news is that we have recently received the revised PCB boards and our tests have only uncovered minor issues that we don’t expect to impact the design much. We will conduct further tests to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately, additional supply issues will impact the shipping time frame for A Pig Quest. Our box inlay producer has entered into bankruptcy and our box manufacturer has given notice that they will cease production very soon. We are in the process of finding alternate suppliers that can deliver the quality packaging that Protovision products are well known for.

We will provide further updates as they come to hand as we strive to deliver these great titles to our pre-order customers as soon as possible.

Protopad Update

We are pleased to provide the latest status update of the Protopad to the broader C64 community.

The project has run into multiple issues over the last couple of years. These include the unavailability and skyrocketing cost of FPGA chipsets, inconsistent technical readings during prototype testing, our PCB designer being impacted by the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and difficulty with finding a suitable shell casing for the controller.

But the good news is that we were able to address all of the above and now have a fully working prototype that works on the C64 (the Protopad will also support other platform modes that use the Atari style joystick port). Let us hope we won’t be surprised by new challenges of the magnitude we had to tackle so far!

The development of the Protopad will continue to move forward with the following alterations:

* the controller will now contain a microprocessor, replacing our original FPGA approach
* we have found a professional manufacturer that is known for its high quality controllers as a potential production partner for the case. A SNES-like case seems most likely at the moment.

The prices for both chips and cases have risen dramatically since we ran the initial donation campaign. At this point, we do not know whether or not we will be making a loss when we send Protopad to backers. However, we are still very much invested in this project and are looking forward to delivering the pad to everyone – no matter what it takes.

Brotkasten GOLD CD – Back in Stock!

We have just received another limited number of copies of the Brotkasten GOLD CD. This great compilation of emulators, games, demos and disk-mags from the 90s sold out real quick when we originally added them to the Protovision Shop back in February. Don’t miss out again, place your order now before they are gone!

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