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Lykia – The Lost Island Cartridge Pre-Order

We are very pleased to be able to open up pre-orders for the standard cartridge version of Lykia – The Lost Island.

Receiving broad critical acclaim upon its digital release, Lykia is a fully immersive exploration game featuring over 580 screens, more than 40 interactive characters and 25 outstanding SID tracks. The game is so big that it will be one of the first games to be released on a 1MB Cart!

Brotkasten GOLD CD – Available Now!

Here is something special to add to your retro gaming collection. The Brotkasten GOLD CD is a great compilation of emulators, games, demos and disk-mags that was previously sold throughout Germany in the late 1990s. The CD has a German based user menu and works on Windows, Amiga and PC-Geos!

Double Dino discovered in Protovision Shop!

The Double Dino board game and C64 cartridge has been uncovered within the Protovision Shop! Featuring a small board game and two endless dinosaur running games – T-Rex 64 de luxe and CommodoRex, the Double Dino cartridge can now be part of your archeology collection.

Robot Jet Action Blasts Into Protovision Shop

Featuring eye popping ECM graphics and a fantastic SID soundtrack by our very own Jammer, Robot Jet Action was one of the stand out Commodore 64 releases for 2022. The Protovision Shop has a few copies of this game on cartridge in stock. Don’t wait too long to secure your copy as these are sure to sell out quickly!

Now available: Underwater Collection (deluxe cartridge)

The Underwater Collection is a unique cartridge that features sonar like lighting and sound effects and contains 4 ocean themed C64 games, including the exclusive release of the RPG Dagon’s Awakening. Limited supplies of this special cartridge are now available from the Protovision Shop. Order your copy now!

Knights & Slimes Cartridge – Now available

Arcade platform gaming doesn’t get much better than Knights & Slimes by Monte Boyd. The Protovision Shop has secured limited supplies of the game on cartridge format. Be quick to order your copy!

Lykia Gold Cart Pre-Order – Ending Soon

Pre-orders for the Gold Cartridge version of „Lykia – The Lost Island“ will be ending on January 31. To be eligible to order this special edition, you must be a Protovision support via Patreon, Tipeee or the Protopad campaign or you purchased more than 250 Euros of items from the Protovision Shop. Lykia is an open world roleplaying game, comes on a 1MB cartridge and features a huge world to explore.

Great New Game – Lester

We love to support new high quality Commodore 64 games, whether they are published via Protovision or not.

2023 has started off with a bang with the release of Lester by Knifegrinder. This 60 screen arcade adventure has certainly caught our attention with its polished graphical style, great sounding SID tracks and addictive game mechanic. Lester is available as a digital download from Knifegrinder’s Itch.Io page.

PS/2 mouse adapter Micromys V5

Looking for an easier way to play e.g. Eye of the Beholder with a mouse on your real C64? Then the Protovsion Shop has you covered. We have restocked our supply of the PS/2 mouse adapter Micromys V5. This handy adapter allows you to use a more modern mouse device to emulate a 1351 mouse. As an added bonus, the Micromys V5 is also compatible with the Amiga, VIC-20, 8 bit Atari and Atari ST machines.

Top 5 finish for Poke 4K

Protovision scored 5th place with Poke 4K in the Reset 4K Craptastic Competition 2022 (Congratulations, Oziphantom!).

Poke 4K is a great take on the classic Pang, crunched down to only 4kb in size.

Download a copy of the game from CSDB.

A Pig Quest – Game Page and Gold Cart 2023

It’s almost here! The action/puzzle platformer „A Pig Quest“ for the Commodore 64 is ready to be unleashed on February 14. Head on to our official A Pig Quest game page for more details.

We are also excited to announce that A Pig Quest will be our limited edition Gold Cartridge game for 2023 – more details on this to come in early February.

4 Player Adapter in stock again

We have restocked our popular 4 player adapters! A wide range of C64 games are available that make use of it, including our latest hit Muddy Racers.

Cartridge Cases back in stock

Looking for some quality C64 cartridge cases that come in lots of different colors? Then head on over to the Protovision-Shop! We currently have blue, black, red, green and white available.

C128 RGBi to RGBa adapter

If you need a simple way to output an analog RGB signal from your Commodore 128 then we have the solution for you. This handy little adapter will convert a digital RGBIHV signal over to RGBa, allowing you to connect it to your favourite VGA upscaler.


Back in stock: C64 Vinyl Tribute #2 !

You guys sure love your SID music, especially when its on vinyl. If you missed out on securing a copy of the C64 Vinyls Tribute #2 a couple of weeks ago then you will be excited to hear that we have have received another batch of this great vinyl release. Grab them quick before we sell out again!

New in our shop: Ultimate 64 RBG SCART cable!

If you want the best display possible for your Ultimate64/Ultimate64 Elite using a SCART connection, then we have the cable for you. The Ultimate64 RBG SCART cable excels in providing a superior visual experience with its great clarity and colors. Order yours before they sell out!

Muddy Racers – The Trailer

Muddy Racers is the perfect game to play with friends and family over this Christmas. If you haven’t seen the game in action yet then check out the official trailer over on our popular Youtube channel.

We wish you a Muddy X-Mas
with your trusty old gear!

Muddy Racers is a GO GO GO!

Monte Boyd’s Muddy Racers is now officially ready for release. Head on over to the Protovision Shop to place your order for this great arcade racer. The game is available as a physical cartridge or as a digital download.

If you pre-ordered the special Gold Cartridge edition then you will be excited to hear that we will start shipping these next week. Pre-orders for the standard cartridge version will be sent out after the Gold carts.

C128 RAM Replacement available now!

The one RAM Replacement board to rule them all! The SaRuMan-128 is a lower power RAM replacement board for the Commodore 128. Replace all 16 DRAM ICs of the C128 with a single small module. Soldering skills required.

Plus/4 Dust Covers now available!

So you have a wonderful Commodore Plus/4 machine and want to protect it against dust and nasty splashes that always seem to appear out of nowhere. Well, we have the thing just for you – sturdy and flexible covers made of Kodura fabric. Not only do they look great but they are made in Germany, so you know they are great!

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