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Free Gmod2crt conversion tool from Protovision

It’s fantastic to see that the Ultimate devices now support GMod2! However, it needs a CRT file containing your GMod2 image for it to work. For those who only have separate flash and eeprom files, we have decided to release our Gmod2 to CRT conversion tool to the public – find it here.

K&A plus for all your Commodore reading needs

Are you a fan of Commodore machines? Do you enjoy great game reviews, opinion articles, event reports, tutorials and interviews? Then K&A Plus is the magazine for you.
This professionally printed publication comes in an A4 size format – which means you won’t have to squint to read it. Our Online Shop currently stocks issue 18 (the latest), along with the special Best of #1-5 edition.

SuperKernal available to order now

Are you looking for the hardware upgrade that rules them all? We present to you the SuperKernal – one of the best hardware enhancements for the C64.
Switch between kernals and file images at the press of a key. Instantly load and start C64 programs directly from an FTP site and more.
Find out details and get yours!

Blast Annual 2020: Volume 2 in stock

The Blast Annual 2020 is an awesome multi-format gaming publication celebrating all aspects of the retro community. Volume 2 is now available to order from our Shop. Containing a large range of game and hardware reviews and interesting feature articles, the annual is a great read.

MEGA65 Merchandise for sale!

We expect that many of you are eagerly awaiting the release of the MEGA65 computer. So how about you pass the time by enjoying some great MEGA65 branded merchandise. Our Online Shop now stocks t-shirts, USB sticks, mouse pads, key chains, mugs and stickers all with the official MEGA65 branding. Check them out now!

Ultimate devices now support GMod2 cartridge images

With the latest firmware updates for Ultimate 64, Ultimate II+ and Ultimate II, these devices support GMod2 cartridge images now! Many of Protovision’s physical games are distributed on GMod2 cartridges. Most recently, we have updated all digital packages to include GMod2 crt files. This includes all of our games you have purchased from us previously via our Online Shop or on To access the updates, simply reuse the download links that were provided to you at the time of original purchase.

Upcoming Protovision Game: Muddy Racers

We are pleased to announce that Muddy Racers for the C64 will be published by Protovision. Muddy Racers, developed by Monte Boyd, will be a high quality release that promises to deliver a whole lot of fun top down racing action – whether it be as a single player experience or as a multi-player party game for up to 4 players. To find out more about this great racer, head on over to the brand new Muddy Racers game page.

Briley Witch Chronicles – Intro

Briley will get a nice, little intro. Sarah Jane Avory provides an insight with her latest video.

Cursed Tomb Update

It has been a while since we last posted about this action puzzle game by Zbigniew Ross (creator of YOOMP! 64). However, things are moving along quite nicely with Cursed Tomb:
– Levels have been tweaked/fine tuned;
– In addition to a disk version, cartridge versions have been created: both, GMod2 and EasyFlash formats will be available;
– Work on game manual has been started as well.

The game is under heavy testing by the QA team now. Stay tuned!

New Lotek64 released: Four Protovision games reviewed [German]

Issue 62 of the popular German language fanzine Lotek64 is out!
This issue features four (!) of our recent games: Outrage, Wormhole, Soul Force and Zeta Wing. To our delight, all titles have been well received by the editors. As a special treat, you can find a detailed interview with Bernd Buchegger, the programmer of Outrage.
Also exciting to read is the story of the creator of The Camp: mac of tugcs (part 2 of 2).
You can get Lotek64 #62 at the following link:

FM-YAM in stock now!

The FM-YAM Sound Expander clone can reproduce 12 voices on your C64. We have taken stock of a new batch of this fabulous cartridge.

You can secure a unit by placing your order via the Protovision Shop right now!

Dust covers for your C128!

If you have a C128 then it’s probably one of your most prized possessions in your retro collection. Make sure you protect your precious hardware with our great dust cover – now available for both the C128 and C128D machines.

Hunter’s Moon Remastered Digital on sale – 75% off!

The digital version of Hunter’s Moon Remastered is currently on sale at a great price of only $1.24USD by Thalamus Digital Publishing. Head on over to the Thalamus page to secure your digital copy of a wonderful remake of a great classic C64 game. This offer ends on July 19 2021, 9:00 AM CEST. So you better be quick! But if you want to experience the game on real hardware then your best option is to grab yourself the Collector’s Cartridge Edition from our on Online Shop. We only have limited numbers left in stock, so make sure your grab your copy because once they are gone then they are gone forever!

TFC3+ in stock now!

The TFC3+ is an enhanced version of the popular The Final Cartridge freezer/fastload cartridge. We just restocked this versatile cart. However, stock won’t last long, so be quick to place your order in our Online Shop before we sell out again!

Modern day C64 enhancements!

We have some great modern day devices to let you get the most out of your Commodore machines! Are you looking to load games off an SD Card at an affordable price? Then we have the cableless version of SD2IEC. How about a RAMBoard expansion for your trusty Commodore disk drives? Do you need an extra cartridge port? Then look no further than the Mini X-Pander+. Well, we stock these (along with so much more) within our Online Shop. Place your orders now!

K&A plus magazine now in stock

Are you looking for a quality C64 and Amiga magazine? Then you can’t go wrong with the English version of K&A plus. Professionally printed in an A4 size format, K&A plus covers all things Commodore – game reviews, opinion articles, event reports, tutorials and interviews in gloriously colorful glossy paper. Our Online Shop currently stocks issue 18 (the latest), along with the special Best of #1-5 edition.

Heroes & Cowards Re-stocked!

The wonderful point ’n‘ click adventure game Heroes & Cowards is now back in stock. Receiving critical acclaim by Reset 64 and Commodore Free magazines, Heroes & Cowards is a highly accessible adventure game featuring atmospheric location graphics and a great story narrative. Presented in our usual high quality packaging, this is a must have for collectors of modern C64 games. Grab your box now!

Great range of cables available

Has your cable or connector been damaged or been misplaced? Perhaps you are looking to do more with your current hardware? Well, our Online Shop stocks a great range of cables for your Commodore machine. These include the Y/C monitor cable with audio jack (perfect for FM YAM or headphones) and Y floppycable (splitter), with either female or male connectors.

BeamRacer back in stock!

This groundbreaking video co-processor expansion for the C64 with VideoMod converter always sells out quickly. But we have great news, additional units of the BeamRacer have been secured and they are now available to order. But don’t wait too long as they are sure to go quickly.

Zeta Wing and Neutron – digital 50% off now, cartridge in preparation!

Great news for fans of C64 SHMUPs on a budget. Sarah Jane Avory’s award winning shooters Zeta Wing and Neutron are part of the SJA’s Summer Sale 2021 on Each game 50% off! Or buy both for $3.48 (regularly $6.98)! This offer ends on June 29 2021, 1:00 AM CEST. So you better be quick!
View sales:

But for physical game collectors, we have some great news for you! Zeta Wing will also get a physical release on cartridge and will include Neutron as a bonus game. Kwayne is currently working on the box art and progressing well. More news on this soon, stay tuned!

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