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Ultimate Newcomer
Ultimate Newcomer Cover
Newcomer is part classic adventure game and part roleplaying game: It contains situations and encounters like those found in adventure games and tabletop roleplaying. The game interface and controls are similar to oldschool computer "RPGs". In Newcomer the emphasis is on interacting with a large and diverse cast of characters, exploring the game world, developing a wide range of in-game and real life skills, and solving complex puzzles and mysteries.

Development status:
Status: In development

Produced by: Cinematic Intuitive Dynamix
Distribution: Protovision / CID
Coder: Andras Lay (original and Enhanced versions), Zsolt Kajtar (Ultimate version)
Graphics: Csaba Foris (original and Enhanced versions), Mihaly Szemeti (Ultimate version)
Sound&SFX: Zoltan Gonda


  • 180+ characters you can interact with, each with his/her own portrait graphic
  • 10+ people who may join you, to make a team of up to 6 members
  • ...or try it on your own, in the extra challenging Solo game mode...
  • 50+ different areas to explore, created with 30+ different graphic sets
  • 100+ cutscenes/situational graphics in-game, that make you feel like you are there
  • 180,000+ words of ingame text, mostly interactive conversations
  • No random encounters
  • Thousands of puzzles and situations to encounter and solve
  • Complex, non-linear gameplay with multiple levels of endings
  • Months or weeks of immersive gaming until you "complete" the game...
  • ...but there will still be a thousand situations, resolutions and encounters you have not seen yet, and 2 more game modes to complete!
  • Animated intro and outro sequences
  • Game controls changed for more comfort for emulator users on PC/Mac keyboards
  • VICE fully supported, extensively tested, no virtual floppy disk swapping, works like a native PC / Mac / Linux game
  • Much faster disk I/O in the 1541 version, compared to classic or Enhanced Newcomer
  • Less floppy disk swapping needed - optimized data layout, area sorting and duplication for all multiple floppy disk versions
  • 1541 version: 12* floppy disk sides
  • 1581 version: 3* DD floppy disks
  • CMD FD2000 version: 2* HD floppy disks
  • CMD FD4000 version: a single ED floppy disk - zero disk swapping
  • IDE64 version: 2 MB installed, "instant I/O", playing from HDD / CD / DVD / CF / remote filesystem (ethernet, USB, or User Port PCLink, via ideserv - IDE DOS v0.91 or newer required for this feature) supported, different data and save devices supported
  • PAL and NTSC Commodore 64/64C/128/128D/128DCr systems auto-detected and supported
  • 6581 and 8580 SID chips auto-detected and supported
  • C128 2MHz CPU mode auto-detected and supported - much faster unpacking for all storage devices
  • SuperCPU 20MHz mode auto-detected and supported - instant unpacking for all storage devices


Newcomer Title Patrouille! Skills Wood walls

Status updates:

Enhanced Newcomer available again
(News written on 11.08.2016)

The roleplaying adventure „Ultimate Newcomer“ is still in production.

We have a couple of copies of the older version „Enhanced Newcomer“ available in our webshop again for those who don’t want to wait.

Please note that Enhanced Newcomer has bugs, which may prevent you from finishing the game under certain circumstances. Of course these bugs will be fixed in the Ultimate version plus it will be compatible to NTSC and multiple devices.


Ultimate Newcomer is gaining momentum again
(News written on 17.11.2013)

We have received a short update notice for all those interested in Ultimate Newcomer. The project is taking longer than planned, but the primary goal is still to make this game as stable and bugfree as possible. Hoild of the Ultimate Newcomer Crew writes:

Frustration because of the huge amount of bugs inherited with the original code base made the project get stuck by late summer. Now we are gaining momentum again, I am doing research into new ways of optimization and tweaks that would let me insert the patches that until now I could not fit in because several parameters already reached their limits.

Thanks to everybody who did not lose hope in Ultimate NEWCOMER and is still interested, and for those who would like to know more details: the new issue 60 of the diskmag Vandalism News will have an article about the project.

Ultimate Newcomer goes into final test phase soon
(News written on 01.06.2013)

Hoild, one of the autors of Ultimate Newcomer told us, that he is almost through with fixing all known script bugs of Ultimate Newcomer and that the next, hopefully final test phase will start in July.

Interview with the creator of Newcomer
(News written on 21.02.2013)

The disk mag Scene World (issue 20) interviewed Zoltan Gonda (creator of Newcomer, amonst others) about his current and future (game) projects. They did, of course, talk about the upcoming new release of Newcomer. There’s no breaking news in it, but it is entertaining and interesting.

Download the diskimages of the English-language mag here:



Newcomer Status
(News written on 01.12.2012)

We receive dozens of requests for Ultimate Newcomer every month and we apologize for it taking so long, but hey – it is meant to be Ultimate.

At the start of this year, during what we thought were final tests before releasing the game, another issue was discovered: retreating from some of the many combat situations resulted in seemingly random errors, ranging from minor story or area glitches to full game crashes. Unfortunately, to fix all occurences of this combat reatreat bug, ALL SCRIPTS for EVERY COMBAT SITUATION must be verified manually, and then retested during gameplay. As well, the game features multiple  variations for most combat situations (non-hostile -> combat, already hostile -> combat, or stronger/weaker variations depending on specific factors), which further complicates the testing. By now, 269 out of 386 potential instances have been verified. With such a complex, non-linear game as Newcomer, thorough testing is difficult to say the least, and the obsession with fixing every potential bug before the release is an attitude that other game developers simply can’t afford and which makes this project truly special…

However, work is ongoing and all we can do is wait patiently, keep thumbs and express our respect to the guys in Creative Intuitive Dynamix and Soci/Singular who are making Ultimate Newcomer possible – with a tiny bit of support from Protovision.

Please understand that a hobby project, especially a huge one like Ultimate Newcomer, takes its time and cannot be hurried. Stay tuned. We will keep you updated through the Newsletter.

Vandalism News #58 – Mini-Market
(News written on 16.11.2011)

Issue 58 of the diskmag Vandalism News was released by Onslaught and Wrath Designs at Syntax 2011 in Australia.

Protovision wise you can find the following in this issue’s „Mini-Market“ chapter:

  • Ultimate Newcomer entering Independent Games Festival!
  • Protovision soon in the pipe
  • RR-Net MK3 PrototypeDownload Vandalism News #58 from CSDb.

Sentry – Latest Newcomer fan art image
(News written on 13.11.2011)

With Sentry, Leon released another Newcomer inspired picture. The entrance to the Monks‘ Garden, flagpole and something strange in the sky… Go play the game and you will discover what that something is…

Ultimate Newcomer entering Independent Games Festival
(News written on 05.11.2011)

It’s official! Ultimate Newcomer is entering the Independent Games Festival.
For more information see here.

Newcomer Remix – One more time
(News written on 19.09.2011)

At Function 2011 another Newcomer Remix has been released. This time it is „Newcomer Endsequence (Symphonic Rework)“ by Orphy. The original SID track was composed by Zoltán Gonda aka Bassman aka Zoli.

You can tune in here:

Enjoy! 🙂

Ultimate Newcomer – Facebook page and new Leon picture
(News written on 18.09.2011)

Now there is a Ultimate Newcomer Facebook page with Hungarian and English information, forums, pictures, help screens, etc etc.
Come on and join:

A new Newcomer fan made artwork called [U]se [N]eil [I]tem [T]rap was pixeled by Leon.
It competed within the multiplatform Handdrawn Graphics Compo at Function 2011 party and scored 6th (last place 😉 ).

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