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Soul Force

Soul Force The Soultron star system has been at peace for millenniums, the echoes of warfare long faded, its people living in hope for a never-ending peaceful existence.

Yet some had looked out into the skies, wondering what lay beyond, and what dangers could descend upon their peaceful worlds. In secret they developed project Soul Force, an advanced space fighter designed to defend the Soultron system from an outside threat.

And from the darkness of deep space comes a terrible bio-mechanical fleet swarming into the Soultron star system, monstrous creations descending upon the peaceful planets, tearing into the ground for reasons unknown. Communication attempts remain unanswered, the invaders obliterating any ship brave enough to approach...

We have chosen you to launch and pilot the new Soul Force space fighter against this terrifying threat and liberate our star system. Learn our enemy’s plans and put a stop to them for good. The fate of our star system lies in our hands. You are our last and only hope...


  • 20 adrenaline filled horizontal shoot’em up levels, each with their own distinct graphical theme
  • A dedicated bitmap screen and music for each level
  • Seven in-game bonus items to collect
  • Four individually upgradable weapon systems
  • General ship upgrades
  • Lots of boss fights
  • Four difficulty settings
  • Password and flexible save game system
  • Progress automatically saved to cartridge
  • Fully PAL & NTSC compatible

Development Status:
Almost complete

Coding: Sarah Jane Avory
Graphics: Sarah Jane Avory, Gergely Sinkó, Paolo Pomes
Box artwork: Gergely Sinkó
Manual: Sarah Jane Avory, Lobo
Additional help: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos, Milo Mundt, Benedikt Schäfer


Title Screen

...the battle!
Galaxy View
Water Planet Alpha
Asteroid Belt

Approach the flagship
Inside the flagship

Status updates:

Soul Force – Pre-orders Open Now!
Written by Protovision on 16.11.2020

The long awaited release of Soul Force, Sarah Jane Avory’s epic horizontal shooter, is nearly with us! While we take some time to put the finishing touches on what will be one of the greatest SHMUPs for the C64, the Protovision Shop is now taking pre-orders for the game. Make sure that you are part of the first batch to receive Soul Force by placing your pre-order here.

Soul Force coming out soon
Written by Protovision on 06.11.2020

Soul Force, the epic horizontal shooter from Sarah Jane Avory is coming soon for the C64 via Protovision. The game will be released on a 512K cartridge that will be filled with great arcade action, plenty of levels, gorgeous bitmap screens and pumping music. Find out more over here.

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