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The Briley Witch Chronicles

The Briley Witch ChroniclesWhen a mysterious spirit snatches Briley from her modern life, she finds herself abandoned in a strange, backward world where magic is real.
After discovering she's somehow become a witch, she faces many challenges while struggling to learn the powers of witchcraft.
But when a dark evil rises, along with her talking cat and companion Smokey, Briley must use all her new-found powers to defeat it.

Development Status:
In Development

Coding: Sarah Jane Avory
Graphics: Sarah Jane Avory
Story: Sarah Jane Avory


Take a look into the game with this Video:


Title Screen
Title Screen
Deep Jones
Galaxy View

Status updates:

Briley Witch Chronicles – Mixing a Potion
Written by Protovision on 13.05.2021

With her latest Briley Witch Chronicles video, Sarah Jane Avory once more shows her skills in game design, but also as a story teller with a sense of humor.

RGN February Video: Soul Force, Briley Witch Chronicles & Muddy Racers
Written by Protovision on 05.02.2021

Latest Retro Gamer Nation video featuring our recently released Shoot 'em up Soul Force and the upcoming RPG Briley Witch Chronicles – both by Sarah Jane Avory.
Also get a sneak peek at Muddy Racers by our newest member Monte Boyd. This title still is in an early stage of development.

Briley Witch Chronicles – Ruins sub-quest (work in progress)
Written by Protovision on 29.01.2021

We know you can’t get enough of following the ongoing development of Briley Witch Chronicles so Sarah has posted another video showing the current progress on one of the sub-quests that will be found in the game.

Briley Witch Chronicles Update
Written by Protovision on 10.01.2021

Sarah Jane Avory is still adding new items, spells and skills to Briley Witch Chronicles. This is how Smokey recently learned Fishing.
Also, the game has became quite huge in size: 512K cartridge space is already 98% used!

Briley Witch Chronicles Update
Written by Protovision on 09.01.2021

Sarah Jane Avory has added additional combat magic to her game Briley Witch Chronicles – in particular, multi-target attacks. However, this feature is also implemented for enemies. Thus, combat becomes much more interesting right away…
Furthermore, the "Difficulty Setting" screen has been reworked again. Currently it looks like this:

Briley Witch Chronicles Difficulty Balancing
Written by Protovision on 07.01.2021

Our never sleeping Sarah Jane Avory currently balances her RPG Briley Witch Chronicles. Also, she reworks the Difficulty Setting screen.

Briley Witch Chronicles Update
Written by Protovision on 03.01.2021

Instead of taking a rest after completing Soul Force, Sarah Jane Avory resumed development of her C64 RPG Briley Witch Chronicles. As for that, she published not one but even two new videos for you to enjoy!

Update on Briley Witch Chronicles
Written by Protovision on 19.12.2020

Our all-round talent Sarah Jane Avory gives another glimpse into the development of Briley Witch Chronicles, with this fresh new video clip.

Briley Witch Chronicles – New Video
Written by Protovision on 07.12.2020

One of Sarah Jane Avory’s most awaited games – Briley Witch Chronicles – is making good progress, as this video reveals:

NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Vandalism News #71
Written by Protovision on 30.11.2020

Vandalism News is a C64 disk magazine by Onslaught and Offence. Issue 71 was recently released! Find the latest news, reports and background about different aspects of the C64 scene. All is presented in an advanced outfit, for you to enjoy on your C64.

As usual, a chapter called “The Market” gives developers the opportunity to tell what is new about their projects.

Protovision wise you can find the following here:

  • An overview about recent titles such as MW Ultra (co-op with Psytronik) and Planet X2.1
  • News about upcoming games like Soul Force, Outrage and latest hardware
  • Insights to Briley Witch Chronicles and Wild Wood by their creators

Download Vandalism News #71 from CSDb!

Getting started…
After the intro and an opening image, chose your article in the menu. This is more detailed now and spread over 5 screens. To navigate to “The Market”, switch to page 3 (cursor right), select respective chapter (Cursor down and Return), insert requested diskside (5), and there you go!

Happy reading!

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