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Muddy Racers
Muddy Racers

Are you ready to get down and dirty to win?

Bump and bounce through the mud in this super fast, single-screen arcade racer.

Zoom through 18 different tracks across three stages filled with tight turns, long straights, off road hazards and crazy jumps!

Up to four players can join the the fun!

Compete for the best time in a single race, or take on the ultimate Championship mode and see who finishes on top of the leaderboard.

Watch out for the different personalities of the computer drivers: Torquey Tom, Nitro Nigel, Revvy Rick and Oily Olive.

Use the shop to strategise your upgrades. Turn your car into the ultimate racing machine, or stock up on nitro boosts and oil slicks and choose your moments in the race.

Speed away from the pack with a nitro, or send your opponents into a spin out with a well timed oil slick!


  • 18 different tracks
  • 3 different stages
  • Up to 4 human players
  • Computer racers with different racing styles
  • Shop to upgrade your car or buy powerups
  • Thumping soundtrack by Kamil 'Jammer' Wolnikowski
  • Strong title music with a specialized digi routine
  • Progress automatically saved to cartridge
  • Support for Protopad, the 4 player adapter and the upcoming MultiJoy 8 player adapter
  • Fully PAL & NTSC compatible


Take a look into the game with this video:

Ordering the game:
Boxed Edition
Digital Download

Development status:

Coding & graphics: Monte Boyd
Music & SFX: Kamil 'Jammer' Wolnikowski
Digi-routine title music: Uwe 'The Human Code Machine' Anfang
Additional code: MonstersGoBoom
Additional help: Louie Dimovski, Milo Mundt
Project Management: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos


Intro Stage Select Mud Flats Highlands

Status updates:

Muddy Racers Reaches 250 Sales!
(News written on 07.02.2023)

Motoring out quickly from the starting line, Muddy Racers has achieved more than 250 sales in no time. Congratulations to everyone involved for the success of the game! If you haven’t yet found out what Muddy Racers is all about then head on over to the game page to find out more.

4 Player Adapter in stock again
(News written on 03.01.2023)

We have restocked our popular 4 player adapters! A wide range of C64 games are available that make use of it, including our latest hit Muddy Racers.

Muddy Racers – The Trailer
(News written on 20.12.2022)

Muddy Racers is the perfect game to play with friends and family over this Christmas. If you haven’t seen the game in action yet then check out the official trailer over on our popular Youtube channel.

We wish you a Muddy X-Mas
with your trusty old gear!

Muddy Racers is a GO GO GO!
(News written on 09.12.2022)

Monte Boyd’s Muddy Racers is now officially ready for release. Head on over to the Protovision Shop to place your order for this great arcade racer. The game is available as a physical cartridge or as a digital download.

If you pre-ordered the special Gold Cartridge edition then you will be excited to hear that we will start shipping these next week. Pre-orders for the standard cartridge version will be sent out after the Gold carts.

Preorder Muddy Racers now!
(News written on 23.10.2022)

Start your engines and race on over to our online shop as we open up pre-orders for the standard edition of Muddy Racers. Don’t miss out on some great single-screen arcade racing as you bump and bounce your car across 18 wicked tracks. Do you have what it takes to finish at the top of the leaderboard?

Monte Boyd Interview by Hands On Gaming
(News written on 05.08.2022)

We know you are all looking forward to the release of Muddy Racers by Monte Boyd. Monte took sometime out from his busy coding schedule to chat to Hands On Gaming podcast about his upcoming overhead racer for the C64. Check out what Monte has to say about Muddy Racers and his other C64 gaming projects here.

C64 Round Up June 2022 featuring Muddy Racers and Stoker
(News written on 12.06.2022)

Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Round Up June 2022 Edition has latest news on Protovision’s games Muddy Racers by Monte Boyd and "Stoker" by Rhys Clatworthy. The video starts off with an update on Monte Boyd’s side project "Knights & Slimes". Enjoy!

Within the video, jump directly to…
Muddy Racers
Knights & Slimes

Full video:

Reset64 #14 released: MW Ultra, Soul Force and Outrage reviewed
(News written on 09.04.2022)

The full Reset64 Magazine #14 – their run ’n‘ gun themed issue – is finally here!

Therein you will find reviews of these Protovision games:
MW Ultra (Reset Ripper)
Soul Force (Reset Ripper)

Protovision’s Muddy Racers and Cursed Tomb are featured in the news.
Also check out the interview with Lobo and the article about We are Stardust.

Download (Pay what you want): Reset64 Magazine at

Preorder your Muddy Racers Gold cartridge now
(News written on 31.10.2021)

The upcoming arcade racing game Muddy Racers is our 2021 gold cartridge release! If you are a supporter of Protovision at Patreon or Tipeee or have ordered a lot in the past year, you are now free to preorder the action packed gold edition. The standard edition of Muddy Racers will be available for order at a later point in time.

RGN C64 Round Up – Exclusive Muddy Racers footage
(News written on 24.08.2021)

The RGN C64 Round Up is a great monthly video presentation covering many of the latest releases, news, pixel art and demos to be released on the scene. The August 2021 episode features exclusive footage of one our upcoming releases – Muddy Racers. Check out the video clip on this great single screen racer (and many other games):

Upcoming Protovision Game: Muddy Racers
(News written on 26.07.2021)

We are pleased to announce that Muddy Racers for the C64 will be published by Protovision. Muddy Racers, developed by Monte Boyd, will be a high quality release that promises to deliver a whole lot of fun top down racing action – whether it be as a single player experience or as a multi-player party game for up to 4 players. To find out more about this great racer, head on over to the brand new Muddy Racers game page.

RGN February Video: Soul Force, Briley Witch Chronicles & Muddy Racers
(News written on 05.02.2021)

Latest Retro Gamer Nation video featuring our recently released Shoot 'em up Soul Force and the upcoming RPG Briley Witch Chronicles – both by Sarah Jane Avory.
Also get a sneak peek at Muddy Racers by our newest member Monte Boyd. This title still is in an early stage of development.

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