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Metal Dust - The Ship
Full Metal Megablaster MK IIWelcome, Commander. Let me show you the new prototype. You will learn something about development and backgrounds, technical details and weapon systems..

Using new technologies and discoveries in quantum physics that have been made shortly after the Battle of Vega 7, the engineers - at least the surviving ones - finally could make their dreams reality. The result is the


a tactical attack and defense weapon. Although its primary goal is to protect the human race against alien attacks during the time of reconstruction, the Department of War does not fully leave out the possibility to use a bigger fleet of Full Metal Megablasters to colonize new planets and eliminate old enemies once and for all.

But the expense of building a whole fleet of those ships is still too much - and will be too much for the next decades - for the small remnants of the former colonisators. That is why now all energy is being concentrated on the completion of this one protoype.

Technical Details
Let's take a look at the technical details:

  • Tri-coaxial plasma/antimatter drives
  • Hull protected by advanced armor made of a Dicyrinium-Titan alloy
  • Almost infinite energy resources made possible by gamma ray inversion
  • Engines, on-board climate and weapons coordination controlled by several board computer systems
  • Use of chromium-plates to climax the design of the ship
Weapon Systems
The following weapon systems are available:
  • The standard weapon is a Plasma RapidFire Phaser
  • TwinPhasers, an energy weapon, realised by replication of the RapidFire Phaser, with three possible expansions.
  • CobaltBlaster, emits concentrated, ionized cobalt particles, setting new standards for penetration power. Three expansions.
  • RadiumEmitters, a brand-new development. Emits moon-shaped, high-energetic photon pulses. An expanded RadiumEmitter sends pulses that split and will be reflected! Three expansions possible.
Only one weapon type can be active at a time. Every weapon needs special, rare energy ressources. That is why you need to find and collect containers with the appropriate symbol on them. Usually those containers are remnants from earlier space battles.

The Full Metal Megablaster Mk II can be enhanced by one of the following three aggregates that also need to be collected:
  • Guided Missiles: These dual fired missiles automatically find their aim guided by infrared sensors.
  • Reverse Fire: A shot behind you defends your back.
  • Quadro Laser: Emits laser rays in all diagonals - covers the area around the ship.
You may of course always use the Full Metal Megablast. This special beam has been developed for a long time in our secret laboratories. Since it has been developed primarily for use on bigger cruisers of the PlanetBuster class, is's almost too big for our ship. Because the beam consumes a lot of power, it has been charged for a short time before it can be fired.

OK, now you know all about the ship that's important!

Have a nice flight, Commander Harrison!

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