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Metal Dust - Trailer
Want a teaser? Here you'll find the Metal Dust trailer video! It will give you a good impression about the gameplay, including some of the end monsters.

Trailer by Thomas Kuhn and Oliver Foerster
Exclusive trailer music "Brainstorm" out of the album "Life & Death" composed and copyright 2004 by Markus Siebold (
Important: The trailer does not contain any music by Welle:Erdball. Read here how to get some impressions of the in-game songs.

The Metal Dust Video Clip

The limited edition of the current Welle: Erdball Album "Chaos Total" includes a Bonus DVD, e.g. with a Metal Dust video clip by Welle: Erdball. Now this Metal Dust video clip can be downloaded right here!

Get it! (AVI, 25 MB)

Video clip, cut & music by Welle: Erdball (

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