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Metal Dust - Sound Track
Commodore MOS 6581That's sensational: The famous German band Welle:Erdball ("Wave of Earth") exclusively for Protovision has composed the sound track for Metal Dust! Click here to get a taste of it without having a Commodore 64 with SuperCPU.

About Welle:Erdball
Welle:Erdball ("Wave of Earth") is a German band that got famous because of their synthetically generated music. It is difficult to put their music into a certain genre. There are similarities to the older music of the (also German) band "Kraftwerk", but it is significantly more powerful. Welle:ErdballTheir texts usually are not about love, peace or joy, but special issues. One of their hits, "Starfighter F-104G" is about one of the biggest disasters of military aviation. "23" is about the conspiration theories that are outlined in this popular German hacker film.
"Welle:Erdball" are real fans and users of the Commodore 64. The 8 bit computer built in 1982 is also a member of the band - many sound effects are generated by the SID, and some songs are completely generated by a single C64 (except for the vocals of course). The band was founded in 1993 and has already published a number of CD albums and singles. You may get them in a music store or go to the Welle:Erdball Homepage. C64, Amiga and PC sceners already could see them (and their SX64) live when they performed during MekkaSymposium in Fallingbostel at Easter 2000.

The Metal Dust Sound Track
On a concert of Welle:Erdball in Hameln, MacGyver had the idea that Welle:Erdball could create an exclusive level music for the game. So Malte Mundt (Metal Dust Project Leader) and Chester Kollschen (the coder) approached the band. Studio Honey, singer and composer of Welle:Erdball, liked that idea, and later on it has been decided that Welle:Erdball would compose the whole in-game sound track for Metal Dust. This means four songs with real instruments and voices for the four levels. The instrumental music was digitized in Welle:Erdball's studio and consists of more than 1000 blocks of digi data for every level. Using the power of the SuperCPU and optimized playing routines, you will hear the digitized music during the game - with a screen full of action! People who already heard parts of the music, talked about an astonishing quality.
The SID music for title and endsequence were delivered by The Blue Ninja. Both tracks are finest multi speed music, which gets everything out of the SID.

How To Get The Music
Get Metal Dust here. Look out for this sign! Try this short MP3 preview!
Get the Welle:Erdball Maxi Single "VW Käfer&1000 Tage" (ordering number for your vendor: CDS 055-62593 SPV) featuring 4 tracks and the bonus track "Metal Dust", a mix of all 4 game levels with a new song text.
Furthermore there is the track "Metal Dust - Die Begegnung" (Metal Dust - The Encounter), which can be found on the Maxi Single "Nur tote Frauen sind schön" ("Only dead women are beautiful", ordering number for your vendor: SPV 0555 - 63623 CDS-E). This is the current version of the Level 3 music - of course with a songtext aswell!

Welle:Erdball Homepage - more information about the band
Unofficial CMD Homepage - Information about the CMD SuperCPU and more

The Metal Dust SID Sound Track

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