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EasyFlash 3 (can-do-anything-cartridge)

EasyFlash 3 (can-do-anything-cartridge)

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Stock: 3 units!

EasyFlash 3 (short: EF3) is a very flexible cartridge for the C64 and can do a lot more than just store programs into its FlashROM. It is an enhanced version of EasyFlash (EF1) und offers the following functions:
  • Seven EF1-compatible slots for emulating cartridge ROMs of up to 1MByte. These can be CRT images, among other things, and can be defined directly from the C64 with a software integrated into EF3 called EasyProg. Once a cartridge rom is in place, it can be activated from the start menu.
  • In addition to the seven EF1 slots, it has space for up to two Retro Replay ROMs.
  • EF3 can replace the kernal of the C64 just as if the kernal would habe been implemented into the C64 directly. Up to eight kernals can be stored into EF3.
  • FlashROMs of EF3 can be uploaded directly via a USB port and a PC.
  • Data exchange via USB port. With a PC program it is possible to access the C64 and peripherals directly from the PC, making it possible to load a program from the PC and start it inside the C64 directly
  • It is also possible to write D64, D71 und D81 images to disk.
Firmware updates to EF3 can also be uploaded via USB.


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