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Pieces 2 Compo: Deadline today!

Today is the official deadline for our Pieces 2 competition, so be quick and hand in one or two levels for the game now – every participant wins prizes!


Restocked: Micromys v5 mouse adapter

Some of you may find the old Commodore mouse device a bit clunky to use and less satisfying than a PC computer mouse. Well, the great news is that you can use your modern day mouse with your C64 (and other micro computers) when you order yourself the Micromys v5 mouse adapter. This will allow you to use a PS/2 mouse as a 1351 device. You can also use a USB mouse, we have PS/2 to USB adapters on hand as well.

PLAnkton TED/+4 In Stock Now!

Do you have a faulty PLA chip in your Commodore 16 or Plus/4 machine? Then you need the PLAnkton, a highly compatible PLA drop-in replacement chip. Our online shop currently stocks versions compatible for both the Plus/4 and the C16 models.

Boards Games Now Available!

Looking for that extra special gift to give to yourself or your closest retro gaming friends? Our online shop now stocks retro-gaming themed board games. We currently have available three different board games – Joust, Pac-Man and M.U.L.E. Order yours now before we sell out!

Preorder your Muddy Racers Gold cartridge now

The upcoming arcade racing game Muddy Racers is our 2021 gold cartridge release! If you are a supporter of Protovision at Patreon or Tipeee or have ordered a lot in the past year, you are now free to preorder the action packed gold edition. The standard edition of Muddy Racers will be available for order at a later point in time.

Briley Witch Chronicles released digitally

Protovision would like to congratulate Sarah Jane Avory on the digital release of Briley Witch Chronicles on her site (the game is great!) Unfortunately, Sarah has put her original intention to release Briley as a physical cartridge via Protovision to rest for the foreseeable future.


Sam’s Journey jumps through 3000 units!

Selling 3000 copies of a new C64 game in these days is unprecedented. But when you have a game as great as Sam’s Journey then the impossible can happen! If you have yet to experience one of the greatest games on the C64 then head over to our Online Shop now.

Soul Force blasts its way past 1000 sales!

We are extremely proud to reveal that Sarah Jane Avory’s Soul Force has surpassed 1,000 units in sales! Sarah put her heart and soul into the game to deliver one of the best shooters available on the C64. If you don’t have your copy yet then head on over here to place your order and see what all the fuss is about.

New Stock: Freespin cable

When we saw the Freespin demo on YouTube we were amazed by the sounds and video coming from a 1541 drive! You too can now reproduce this experience on your hardware with our Freespin cable. Order yours now from the Protovision Shop! This item includes the option to include the demo disk with official artwork from Reflex.

Hunter’s Moon Remastered – Did you know?

Did you know that Hunter’s Moon Remastered has a Boot Menu? It can be triggered when starting up the game and gives you access to the original game, a trainer mode and a level editor. You can also change the language settings and read about the different cell-types within the game as well. You can order your copy of the cartridge edition here.


Smarten Up Your Home with Zeus LT!

The Zeus LT Smarthome device allows you to control your house appliances using the C64. Whether it be your lights, security cameras, garage door or shutters, it can all be controlled while sitting in front of your favourite 8-bit computer. Make sure you order yours here before we run out of stock!

Sam’s Journey for NES makes public appearance

We love Sam’s Journey for the C64 and the NES port is getting closer to completion. Our friends over at recently gave visitors to the Classic Computing 2021 event a sneak preview of the port and it is looking great! If you haven’t had a chance to play Sam’s Journey on the C64, the game is still available from our Protovision Shop.

RETURN #46: MW Ultra & Outrage reviewed, pixel art featuring Lobo [German]

In issue 46, RETURN reports on Protovision for the third time in a row, this time covering the two collaborative releases with Psytronik:
Cosmos Designs‘ long-lost run ’n‘ gun Outrage was examined in detail. Staff concludes: "A tough challenge that’s still fun to play today, despite its 30-year-old design." Coder Bernd Buchegger was on hand to answer questions about the game’s unusual genesis.
The underrated MW Ultra was also reviewed. The article praises among other things the attention to detail as well as the depth of the game and appreciates MW Ultra as one of the best action adventures for the Commodore 64.
Our graphic artist Lobo not only created the print artwork for Outrage and MW Ultra, he is also very active as a pixel artist. In the "Pixel Art" section of this issue, you can admire some of his works.

Protopad Development Guide Update

It is great to see that developers have started to add Protopad support to their upcoming gaming projects. We have updated the Protopad development guide with a small bug fix for the example code. You can download the latest version of the guide here.

Protovision titles in C64 games showcases on YouTube

Byte Sized Retro #7 by BastichB 64K features 40 C64 games, among them are Outrage and Soul Force:

Beyond The Scanlines #061 by hellfire64 explores Commodore 64 games released in the early 2000s, including Jim Slim:

Win Protovision Prizes – Pieces II Level Design Compo!

Have you heard that you can win a Protovision shop voucher by entering the Pieces II Level Design Compo? Pieces II is an upcoming puzzle game release that will include level designs from the C64 community. Design and submit your level. If you are a winning entry, you will received a voucher to use in our online shop. You can find out more details here.

Protopad Development Guide now available

Great news on our upcoming next generation joypad, the Protopad – we have just released the development guide for it!

The guide contains all coders need to add Protopad support to their C64 games. In case you didn’t know, Protopad support has already been implemented in current pre-release builds of VICE.

You can download the Development Guide from here.

Pieces II Level Design Compo 2021!

Time to get creative by participating in the Pieces II Level Design competition. Here is to your chance to support the C64 gaming community by designing new game levels for the upcoming release of Pieces II. Top entries shall be included in the final Pieces II release. The best submissions will be awarded phenomenal prizes. Find out more here .

Zeta Wing Updates released!

Sarah Jane Avory updated her vertical Shoot ’em up for the C64. New in v1.2:

– Added save for settings (remembers auto-fire and difficulty level, plus high-scores).
– Can save settings (including high scores) to either device 8 or 9.
– Cartridge version is now EasyFlash and will auto-save settings to cartridge.
– Disk version now has a proper loading screen.

Shortly afterwards, V1.2.1 has been released. Just a small update to allow the pause key to be configured in the options screen.

Get the most recent version from

RGN C64 Round Up – Exclusive Muddy Racers footage

The RGN C64 Round Up is a great monthly video presentation covering many of the latest releases, news, pixel art and demos to be released on the scene. The August 2021 episode features exclusive footage of one our upcoming releases – Muddy Racers. Check out the video clip on this great single screen racer (and many other games):

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