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Cursed Tomb now available!

Get ready to test your mind and reflexes with our latest C64 arcade puzzle adventure – Cursed Tomb. Explore your way through creepy catacombs, collecting treasure as you navigate your way around many dangers such as ghosts, deadly artifacts, moving walls, hidden traps, teleports and a lot more. Cursed Tomb is available in digital, diskette and cartridge editions with physical editions are in stock – shipping starts in May.

D42-Adventure System – make your own classic adventure

Ever had the desire to develop your own graphic adventure game but don’t know how to code? Then you will be pleased to here that the Protovision Shop now stocks the D42-Adventure System. This construction kit set allows you to build sophisticated graphical adventures without any programming skills. The kit includes an editor, game engine (German and English) and an extensive manual (German only).

Lykia / A Pig Quest Update

Due to their size, Lykia and A Pig Quest will be presented on a new cartridge design that we are currently developing. This process has been slow as we have run into issues with the original PCB prototype not being compliant with EU laws and then the revised prototypes being held up in customs for over 3 months. The good news is that we have recently received the revised PCB boards and our tests have only uncovered minor issues that we don’t expect to impact the design much. We will conduct further tests to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately, additional supply issues will impact the shipping time frame for both A Pig Quest. Our box inlay producer has entered into bankruptcy and our box manufacturer has given notice that they will cease production very soon. We are in the process of finding alternate suppliers that can deliver the quality packaging that Protovision products are well known for.

We will provide further updates as they come to hand as we strive to deliver these great titles to our pre-order customers as soon as possible.

Protopad Update

We are pleased to provide the latest status update of the Protopad to the broader C64 community.

The project has run into multiple issues over the last couple of years. These include the unavailability and skyrocketing cost of FPGA chipsets, inconsistent technical readings during prototype testing, our PCB designer being impacted by the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and difficulty with finding a suitable shell casing for the controller.

But the good news is that we were able to address all of the above and now have a fully working prototype that works on the C64 (the Protopad will also support other platform modes that use the Atari style joystick port). Let us hope we won’t be surprised by new challenges of the magnitude we had to tackle so far!

The development of the Protopad will continue to move forward with the following alterations:

* the controller will now contain a microprocessor, replacing our original FPGA approach
* we have found a professional manufacturer that is known for its high quality controllers as a potential production partner for the case. A SNES-like case seems most likely at the moment.

The prices for both chips and cases have risen dramatically since we ran the initial donation campaign. At this point, we do not know whether or not we will be making a loss when we send Protopad to backers. However, we are still very much invested in this project and are looking forward to delivering the pad to everyone – no matter what it takes.

Brotkasten GOLD CD – Back in Stock!

We have just received another limited number of copies of the Brotkasten GOLD CD. This great compilation of emulators, games, demos and disk-mags from the 90s sold out real quick when we originally added them to the Protovision Shop back in February. Don’t miss out again, place your order now before they are gone!

A Pig Quest collection of Youtube Reviews

It has just been over a week since the release of A Pig Quest and the game has received broad critical acclaim from the C64 community. There have been so many great Youtube reviews and long plays of the game. Here is a selection of our favourites.

ObscuraPrima: Longplay video
BastichB 64K: Review/Interview
RetroGamerNation: Review/RoundUp
8-Bit Flo: Level 1 play through (German)

C64 shaped USB sticks back in stock

Looking for something cool? How about a USB stick in the shape of a Commodore 64 breadbin? Be the envy of your C64 friends with this high quality 16GB storage device. You know you want one, so have a closer look at the Protovision Shop and place your order!

A Pig Quest Reaches 1500 Sales

Within its first week of release, A Pig Quest has passed 1500 in total sales, with more than 300 of these being the physical version. This would make A Pig Quest one of the most successful commercial C64 games in recent times! Congratulations to all involved and heres to many more sales.

The physical version of the game can be ordered from the Protovision Shop while the digital version can be purchased from the Piggy 18 Itch.Io page.

A Pig Quest v1.01 update

The latest update to A Pig Quest (v1.01) is now available to download for all customers who pre-ordered the physical cartridge version of the game (standard and gold).

To access the updated version, simply use the same download link you used to get the original version. Protovision always updates its download links for its games as soon as they are released. So if there are any further updates to A Pig Quest (and any other game we release), you can instantly access them via your download link.

A Pig Quest (Standard Version) available for pre-orders now!

A great moment has come! The standard cartridge version of A Pig Quest is now open to pre-orders on the Protovision Shop. All pre-orders will immediately obtain access to the digital download version.

If you wish to only purchase the digital download version of the game then head on over to the Piggy 18 Itch.Io page.

A Pig Quest Download available to Gold Cart Customers

We have a treat for customers who pre-ordered the Gold Cartridge version of A Pig Quest! Your download link for the game is NOW ready. Simply log into your Protovision Shop account and view your order to access the link.

Early Access to A Pig Quest (Gold Cart Orders)

A reminder to those who have pre-ordered the golden cartridge version of A Pig Quest – the digital download version of the game will be made available to you two days early on February 12! To be eligible to order this special edition, you must be a Protovision supporter via Patreon, Tipeee or the Protopad campaign or you purchased more than 250 Euros of items from the Protovision Shop. The regular edition pre-orders will open February 14.

Muddy Racers Reaches 250 Sales!

Motoring out quickly from the starting line, Muddy Racers has achieved more than 250 sales in no time. Congratulations to everyone involved for the success of the game! If you haven’t yet found out what Muddy Racers is all about then head on over to the game page to find out more.

Pre-Order your A Pig Quest (GOLD edition) NOW!

A Pig Quest has been selected as our Gold Cartridge release for 2023. A Pig Quest is an action adventure game spread out across 5 worlds and shines with its care for detail. The game contains so many pigs that it will be released on our new 1MB carts!

Pre-orders for the limited GOLD edition are now open. To be eligible to order this special edition, you must be a Protovision supporter via Patreon, Tipeee or the Protopad campaign or you purchased more than 250 Euros of items from the Protovision Shop. The regular edition pre-orders will open February 14.

Lykia – The Lost Island Cartridge Pre-Order

We are very pleased to be able to open up pre-orders for the standard cartridge version of Lykia – The Lost Island.

Receiving broad critical acclaim upon its digital release, Lykia is a fully immersive exploration game featuring over 580 screens, more than 40 interactive characters and 25 outstanding SID tracks. The game is so big that it will be one of the first games to be released on a 1MB Cart!

Brotkasten GOLD CD – Available Now!

Here is something special to add to your retro gaming collection. The Brotkasten GOLD CD is a great compilation of emulators, games, demos and disk-mags that was previously sold throughout Germany in the late 1990s. The CD has a German based user menu and works on Windows, Amiga and PC-Geos!

Double Dino discovered in Protovision Shop!

The Double Dino board game and C64 cartridge has been uncovered within the Protovision Shop! Featuring a small board game and two endless dinosaur running games – T-Rex 64 de luxe and CommodoRex, the Double Dino cartridge can now be part of your archeology collection.

Robot Jet Action Blasts Into Protovision Shop

Featuring eye popping ECM graphics and a fantastic SID soundtrack by our very own Jammer, Robot Jet Action was one of the stand out Commodore 64 releases for 2022. The Protovision Shop has a few copies of this game on cartridge in stock. Don’t wait too long to secure your copy as these are sure to sell out quickly!

Now available: Underwater Collection (deluxe cartridge)

The Underwater Collection is a unique cartridge that features sonar like lighting and sound effects and contains 4 ocean themed C64 games, including the exclusive release of the RPG Dagon’s Awakening. Limited supplies of this special cartridge are now available from the Protovision Shop. Order your copy now!

Knights & Slimes Cartridge – Now available

Arcade platform gaming doesn’t get much better than Knights & Slimes by Monte Boyd. The Protovision Shop has secured limited supplies of the game on cartridge format. Be quick to order your copy!

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