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Written by Protovision

Our never sleeping Sarah Jane Avory currently balances her RPG Briley Witch Chronicles. Also, she reworks the Difficulty Setting screen.

Written by Protovision

Eine ganze Reihe Protovision-Spiele wurden für den RGN-Award nominiert: MW ULTRA, Zeta Wing, Wormhole, Planet X2.1 und Outrage.
Sofern noch nicht geschehen, stimme jetzt ab!

Written by Protovision

We have a number of Protovision games nominated for the RGN award: MW ULTRA, Zeta Wing, Wormhole, Planet X2.1 and Outrage.
If you haven’t done so already, vote now!

Written by Protovision

Sarah Jane Avory has been working hard over the holiday season to ensure that gamer’s can fully enjoy playing her great new horizontal shooter – Soul Force, by providing support for a wider range of devices. The set of digital images for the game have been updated in order to improve compatibility with THEC64 (Mini & Maxi), along with the Ultimate 64 / 1541 Ultimate II+ as well.
We recommend that you use the newly added GS64 version for the THEC64 while Ultimate 64 / 1541 Ultimate II+ users should use the updated EasyFlash version. To access the updated digital file images, customers can simply re-download Soul Force from our respective shop! Also, make sure to check out the included readme file for further instructions.
Haven’t bought the game yet? Well, you can grab your copy right now from the Protovision Shop or alternatively, our page!

Written by Protovision

Instead of taking a rest after completing Soul Force, Sarah Jane Avory resumed development of her C64 RPG Briley Witch Chronicles. As for that, she published not one but even two new videos for you to enjoy!

Written by Protovision

Our design genius Hend revealed another stunning image from Wild Wood, his promising platform adventure game.

Written by Protovision

We know that you have all been eager to finally play our latest space shooter – Soul Force by Sarah Jane Avory. There have been some hiccups in bringing this to you over the past few days but the good news is that you can now download the full digital version from our shop. Also don’t forget that you can still order your Collector’s Cartridge edition of Soul Force (includes the digital download) from here. Let’s see how far through you get – after all the future of the Soultron System is at stake!

Written by Protovision

Ihr seid sicher schon ganz wild darauf, endlich unseren neuesten Weltraum-Shooter zu spielen: Soul Force von Sarah Jane Avory. Es gab damit in den letzten Tagen ein paar Problemchen, aber nun kannst Du die digitale Vollversion in unserem Shop herunterladen! Zur Erinnerung: Die Moduledition von Soul Force (inklusive digitalem Download) kannst Du auch weiterhin hier bestellen! Mal sehen, wie weit Du kommst – immerhin steht die Zukunft des Soultron-Sonnensystems auf dem Spiel!

Written by Protovision

We were looking forward to bringing you Soul Force for this Christmas Eve – unfortunately some glitches slipped through with the latest build and the game is not quite ready. These are being worked on at this very moment. So keep watching this space!

Written by Protovision

Indie Retro News announced their upcoming C64 Game Awards 2020. We are happy to see that three of our five 2020 game releases have been nominated!

Nominees for C64 Game of The Year include:
Outrage by Cosmos Designs
MW Ultra by Covert BitOps
Both titles were released by Protovision in cooperation with Psytronik.

Nominee for C64 Budget Game of the Year, among others:
Zeta Wing by Protovision
This great shoot ‘em up is planned to be released as boxed edition on cartridge in 2021.

Announcement of the winners will happen on New Years Eve via the Twitch Channel of hayesmaker64. We can expect an article on Indie Retro News early in the new year as well. We are hopeful that MW Ultra will win the race.
So if you don’t own this GOTY Nominee yet: Purchase of the cartridge is starting from only 45 Euros (instead of 50) – so better get yours now!

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