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Our patrons should already hold it in their hands: The gold variant of the It’s Magic 2 cartridge that is exclusive and
strictly limited and only available to our patrons! If you don’t want to miss these editions in the future, support us on our Patreon page.

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Jon Woods in collaboration with Protovision presents on Kickstarter. The game features a combination of air and ground combat and comes with a few tech features rarely seen in C64 games, including halftone graphics a horizontal plus vertical parallax.
Jon still needs a bunch of backers to make this game a reality – so join in NOW! Click here

Written by Protovision

The RGCD 16K Version of the Shoot’em Up Neutron by Protovision member Sarah Jane Avory is now available from The game can be downloaded from Sarah’s page for a „pay what you want“ price. An extended 512k cartridge version is planned for the future and would then also become a boxed Protovision release.

Neutron at Protovision

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Both Space Moguls and MAH v2.0 were received very well by the jury for the Game of the Year Award of the Reset64 magazine and got good reviews. In the overall ranking Space Moguls reached the third place. Congratulations to the Space Moguls team! More Infos here:

Buy Space Moguls

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This new racing game developed by 8bit-Dude supports up to 4 players, local or online (using the Uthernet, DragonCart or RR-Net). Download:

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Cosmic Force is a Shoot’em Up of Shoot’em Ups. It combines the different game mechanics of Galaga, Defender and Star Wars to create a varied gaming experience. The SID sound is made by Rob Hubbard and Jason Page and just the music playing in the background of the kickstarter video is enough for me to want more. Check it out here.

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At long last, the stylishly-packaged cartridge version Hunter’s Moon Remastered by Thalamus now available exclusively from the exclusively from the Protovision shop, boasting new levels by Martin Walker, new music from Matt Gray and new graphics from Robin Levy!

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Since Pond Software gave the distribution of their games to Poly.Play we now have a new version of The Bear Essentials and the multiplatform adventure Hibernated 1 in our shop.

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The soundtrack of our strategy game Space Moguls (from Prosonix) is now available as a free download in .prg format. Hidden easter egg?

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We have reissued Heroes & Cowards! Now it comes in our standard carton box on Disk (PAL only). Also included is the extensive manual with background story and Byteriders interview. Buy here.

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