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Wow! Unbelievable 2000 copies of Sam’s Journey have been sold already!
That’s reason enough to celebrate… Still got no copy? Here you go!



Written by Protovision

Sam’s Journey C64mini

The wait is finally over! There is a special version of Sam’s Journey especially for THEC64 Mini now. The additional buttons can be used to jump. This version is part of the download packages in the Protovision-Shop and on All our customers can download this new version free of charge. Get your download here!

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Farming Simulator C64

What was believed to be an April fools joke now officially hits the C64. The beautiful limited boxed version contains the game on cartridge, a manual and a Windows executable on CD. Let’s farm like there’s no tomorrow! Buy it here!

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Sam’s Journey Disk & Cartridge C64

Due to high demand we now also have a disk & cartridge version for Sam’s Journey in stock! For buyers of the cartridge version: You can now order the disk set as an upgrade to your version. Check it out in our Shop!

Written by Protovision

Space Moguls C64

Space Moguls is coming real soon to a C64 near you! Celebrating the 35th anniversary of M.U.L.E. this game is meant as an hommage to the classic strategy game. Prepare for a box full of goodies and gimmicks accompaining the manual and media. Space Moguls will be available in a disk, a cartridge or disk & cartridge version. More Infos about the Game: Click here!

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The game Limbo now also comes to the C64. The C64 remake is done by one of the developers of the original Limbo version. He estimates that about one fourth of the content of the original can be ported, considering the limited memory of the C64 even with a cartridge.

You can download a first playable demo here. Click here.

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The Anniversary Edition of It’s Magic II will be available on disk or on a green cartridge. If you want the game in an exclusive gold edtion on a gold cartridge you still have the possibility to support us on Patreon until end of November to get one of these soght-after collector’s items, which will not be available in the Protovision shop.

Protovision Info here! und Info here

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The collector’s edition of Rescuing Orc is back in stock. In the boxed version you find the game on disk and sd card plus a beautiful manual, a folded poster and some stickers. Click here

Moreover we also have several monitor cables back in stock, so it’s worth to drop in our shop. Click here

Written by Protovision

Now is the time to order your copy of our limited golden cartridge edition of It’s Magic 2!  It is available only until end of November and can be obtained exclusively through Patreon.  Support us at Patreon now and gain access to this very rare release.  The regular (non limited) release of It’s Magic 2 on cartridge is also on its way.

Written by Protovision

If you want to know where the developers of Galencia got their inspiration and how Galencia differs from its predecessors, then the first episode of New Retro is what you should watch:

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