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The collector’s edition of Rescuing Orc is back in stock. In the boxed version you find the game on disk and sd card plus a beautiful manual, a folded poster and some stickers. Click here

Moreover we also have several monitor cables back in stock, so it’s worth to drop in our shop. Click here

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Now is the time to order your copy of our limited golden cartridge edition of It’s Magic 2!  It is available only until end of November and can be obtained exclusively through Patreon.  Support us at Patreon now and gain access to this very rare release.  The regular (non limited) release of It’s Magic 2 on cartridge is also on its way.

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If you want to know where the developers of Galencia got their inspiration and how Galencia differs from its predecessors, then the first episode of New Retro is what you should watch:

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The production of Outrage is progressing well now. The platform shooter will come with an extensive manual featuring a comprehensive retrospective by Bernd and Arny from Cosmos Designs, providing in-depth background on the history of the game that started almost 30 years ago! There will be a disk version distributed by Psytronik and a cartridge version distributed by Protovision. More …

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Have you missed the previous release? We found some remainders of Bomb Mania and Crazy News (only in German!) in our warehouse. So take your chance!

Buy: Bomb Mania
Buy: Crazy News


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If you need a little break from the action-packed game MAH, you can also start a game of „Quod Init Exit“ by pressing Q in the main menu. This was meant as a goodie for RGCDs cartridge version since the original cartridge of Quod Init Exit is not available any longer, but this easter egg also made it into our disk version.……

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YOOMP! 64 is a C64 port of the classic Atari XE/XL indie arcade game Yoomp! This hypnotic ball bouncing tunnel fun game developed by our very own Zbych is now available on disk (via Psytronik), cartridge (via RGCD) or digital (via

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And in case you missed the successful Kickstarter there is a limited time to still get the Special Backers Version including extras via IndieGoGo.

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The Galleon adventure is a known classic in Hungary, but the adventure game is fairly unknown  in the rest of the world. Support the campaign (quickly!) for some extra perks.
Btw: Our member Kwayne has made some fan art for the game on his deviantart account.

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Both of the games are rather interesting titles.

  • Organism is an atmospheric alienesque game where you have to find crew members in a massively huge space ship.
  • Rocky Memphis – The Legend of Atlantis is an action puzzler. You will have to solve dozens of small riddles to progress in the game (Joe Gunn style).

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