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Enjoy 4 Player games on THEC64

The latest firmware upgrade to TheC64 (full size and mini) includes support for up to four joysticks! This makes it the perfect time to check out some four player games such as Bomb Mania and Tanks 3000. These titles can be purchased as a download from our Online Shop.

Sam’s Journey Season Special

To celebrate Christmas and its 4th birthday, the Knights of Bytes have released a special edition of Sam’s Journey for true fans of the game.

Sam’s Journey Season Special Edition is a new single level of the game with a very high difficulty setting. To complete it you need to use each and every move that Sam has available to him. Grab this free download from here or redownload Sam from your purchase through Protovision or

Get in the mood for X-Mas with Snow Wars

Christmas season is coming in! Maybe that’s the right time to play a round of Snow Wars? Play it for free or name your price over at Monte Boyd’s page!

Millie & Molly available again!

Finally, the popular C64 action puzzler Millie & Molly by Carleton Handley is back available from the Protovision online store!

Pieces II Competition: another 3 months!

We have decided to prolong our Pieces II Compo as some people reported issues with the Java based level editor.

We now have a Windows executable for you – so please create a level with it for our community game! Every participant wins!

Pieces II Compo: Deadline today!

Today is the official deadline for our Pieces II competition, so be quick and hand in one or two levels for the game now – every participant wins prizes!


Preorder your Muddy Racers Gold cartridge now

The upcoming arcade racing game Muddy Racers is our 2021 gold cartridge release! If you are a supporter of Protovision at Patreon or Tipeee or have ordered a lot in the past year, you are now free to preorder the action packed gold edition. The standard edition of Muddy Racers will be available for order at a later point in time.

Briley Witch Chronicles released digitally

Protovision would like to congratulate Sarah Jane Avory on the digital release of Briley Witch Chronicles on her site (the game is great!) Unfortunately, Sarah has put her original intention to release Briley as a physical cartridge via Protovision to rest for the foreseeable future.


Sam’s Journey jumps through 3000 units!

Selling 3000 copies of a new C64 game in these days is unprecedented. But when you have a game as great as Sam’s Journey then the impossible can happen! If you have yet to experience one of the greatest games on the C64 then head over to our Online Shop now.

Soul Force blasts its way past 1000 sales!

We are extremely proud to reveal that Sarah Jane Avory’s Soul Force has surpassed 1,000 units in sales! Sarah put her heart and soul into the game to deliver one of the best shooters available on the C64. If you don’t have your copy yet then head on over here to place your order and see what all the fuss is about.

Hunter’s Moon Remastered – Did you know?

Did you know that Hunter’s Moon Remastered has a Boot Menu? It can be triggered when starting up the game and gives you access to the original game, a trainer mode and a level editor. You can also change the language settings and read about the different cell-types within the game as well. You can order your copy of the cartridge edition here.


Sam’s Journey for NES makes public appearance

We love Sam’s Journey for the C64 and the NES port is getting closer to completion. Our friends over at recently gave visitors to the Classic Computing 2021 event a sneak preview of the port and it is looking great! If you haven’t had a chance to play Sam’s Journey on the C64, the game is still available from our Protovision Shop.

Win Protovision Prizes – Pieces II Level Design Compo!

Have you heard that you can win a Protovision shop voucher by entering the Pieces II Level Design Compo? Pieces II is an upcoming puzzle game release that will include level designs from the C64 community. Design and submit your level. If you are a winning entry, you will received a voucher to use in our online shop. You can find out more details here.

Pieces II Level Design Compo 2021!

Time to get creative by participating in the Pieces II Level Design competition. Here is to your chance to support the C64 gaming community by designing new game levels for the upcoming release of Pieces II. Top entries shall be included in the final Pieces II release. The best submissions will be awarded phenomenal prizes. Find out more here .

Zeta Wing Updates released!

Sarah Jane Avory updated her vertical Shoot ’em up for the C64. New in v1.2:

– Added save for settings (remembers auto-fire and difficulty level, plus high-scores).
– Can save settings (including high scores) to either device 8 or 9.
– Cartridge version is now EasyFlash and will auto-save settings to cartridge.
– Disk version now has a proper loading screen.

Shortly afterwards, V1.2.1 has been released. Just a small update to allow the pause key to be configured in the options screen.

Get the most recent version from

RGN C64 Round Up – Exclusive Muddy Racers footage

The RGN C64 Round Up is a great monthly video presentation covering many of the latest releases, news, pixel art and demos to be released on the scene. The August 2021 episode features exclusive footage of one our upcoming releases – Muddy Racers. Check out the video clip on this great single screen racer (and many other games):

Ultimate devices now support GMod2 cartridge images

With the latest firmware updates for Ultimate 64, Ultimate II+ and Ultimate II, these devices support GMod2 cartridge images now! Many of Protovision’s physical games are distributed on GMod2 cartridges. Most recently, we have updated all digital packages to include GMod2 crt files. This includes all of our games you have purchased from us previously via our Online Shop or on To access the updates, simply reuse the download links that were provided to you at the time of original purchase.

Upcoming Protovision Game: Muddy Racers

We are pleased to announce that Muddy Racers for the C64 will be published by Protovision. Muddy Racers, developed by Monte Boyd, will be a high quality release that promises to deliver a whole lot of fun top down racing action – whether it be as a single player experience or as a multi-player party game for up to 4 players. To find out more about this great racer, head on over to the brand new Muddy Racers game page.

Briley Witch Chronicles – Intro

Briley will get a nice, little intro. Sarah Jane Avory provides an insight with her latest video.

Cursed Tomb Update

It has been a while since we last posted about this action puzzle game by Zbigniew Ross (creator of YOOMP! 64). However, things are moving along quite nicely with Cursed Tomb:
– Levels have been tweaked/fine tuned;
– In addition to a disk version, cartridge versions have been created: both, GMod2 and EasyFlash formats will be available;
– Work on game manual has been started as well.

The game is under heavy testing by the QA team now. Stay tuned!

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