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Spiele von Bobr wieder verfügbar

Wir haben unsere Auswahl an Spielen von Bobr Games wieder nachgefüllt. Jetzt sind die großartigen Spiele Monster Catcher, Millie & Molly, und Space Collection wieder verfügbar (auf Grund der hohen Nachfrage gab es eine Neuauflage von Space Collection). Diese Module gehen schnell weg – also schlag zu, wenn du diese Runde nicht verpassen willst.

Bobr Games cartridges back in stock

We have replenished our stock of C64 cartridge games from Bobr Games. Available from our Online Shop are some great titles such as Monster Catcher, Millie & Molly, and a new production run of Space Collection. These carts sell out quick, so don’t wait too long to place your order!

C64 Round Up June 2022 featuring Muddy Racers and Stoker

Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Round Up June 2022 Edition has latest news on Protovision’s games Muddy Racers by Monte Boyd and "Stoker" by Rhys Clatworthy. The video starts off with an update on Monte Boyd’s side project "Knights & Slimes". Enjoy!

Within the video, jump directly to…
Muddy Racers
Knights & Slimes

Full video:

Lykia Prologue – VIPER’s Retrogame videos’ Longplay

For the YouTube channel VIPER’s Retrogame Videos, a longplay to the C64 version of "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" has been created. So, you got the chance to see the full prequel of this promising production by PULS4R. However, beware of spoilers! 😉

Protovision will publish the main game Lykia – The Lost Island on cartridge.
In the meantime, download "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" (for both, 1541 and SD2IEC) here.

Space Moguls Longplay [German]

German YouTuber 8-Bit Flo effortlessly plays through a session of Space Moguls in one of his latest game play videos. Featuring German audio commentary, you can check it out here:

Stoker – New video footage of the platform game

"Stoker" gained quite some attention while still in an earlier state of development. Rhys Clatworthy provided recent video footage, presenting new fireballs for our dragon, dust when landing as well as a new, faster scrolling routine. Enjoy!

8-Bit Flo plays prequel of upcoming game ‘Lykia – The Lost Island’ [German]

German YouTuber 8-Bit Flo checked out "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" – the prequel to Lykia – The Lost Island. In his nearly 45 minutes long video he not only covers a lot of gameplay, but also the story of the game and his opinion about it as well as on retro game developments in general.
Download "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" for free in our Lykia section.

Classic arcade style fun with Shadow Switcher Disk Edition

Shadow Switcher from Dr. Wuro Industries is one of the best old style C64 games to be developed during the modern era. We have received limited quantities of the disk edition, which comes with a game manual and beer coaster. Add this addictive title to your physical game collection and place your order here!

sd2iec version of Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey out

The mini game Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey takes place before the main game Lykia – The Lost Island and takes us to Rybolido, a small island southeast of Rybola. Great update: PULS4R created an sd2iec version of Lykia Prologue, included in the download now.

Complete your Sam’s Journey Bundle with the Audio CD

Did you forget to include the option to add the soundtrack CD when you originally ordered your copy of Sam’s Journey? Or did you get into the groove in the meantime? Well, here is the chance to complete your collector’s bundle by placing an order for the Sam’s Journey Audio CD – containing all 19 awesome SID tunes found within the game.

Prequel to Lykia

Are you eagerly anticipating the release of "Lykia: The Lost Island"? Well, you can now take a glimpse into its world. Download the mini game "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" for free from our Lykia section and jump right in! Make sure you read the instructions file to get the hang of it.

Pieces II Compo is over – Keep your Levels coming!

Our Pieces II Level Design Compo 2021/2022 ended on 2022/02/28. Towards the end, the number of submissions really took off. Many thanks to all participators for making the community spirit palpable. Hence, the goal of the compo has already been achieved. All compo entries are currently being reviewed. In the meantime, due to demand of a few dedicated individuals, Pawel created "Pieces II (No More Prizes) Post-Compo". This way, you still may submit levels for Pieces II until 2022/12/31 – just out of competition.
So, have fun creating even more levels!

Review: Outrage tested with full dedication [German]

What happens if someone tests Outrage with full dedication? OldMetalheadGaming literally played until his fingers bled and gave it all. One of the most hilarious reviews that we have seen so far – well deserved place in the Outrageous Chronicle!
Check it out (in German):

Get Outrage! Boxed Edition | Digital Download

C64 Round Up: March 2022 featuring Lykia – The Lost Island Preview

You probably heard of Lykia – The Lost Island, an open world adventure by PULS4R to be published by Psytronik in cooperation with Protovision. You may get excited as some exclusive video footage of it is included in C64 Round Up March 2022 by Retro Gamer Nation:

Bobr Cartridge Games Back In Stock

We have replenished our stock of C64 cartridge games from Bobr Games. Available from our Online Shop are some great titles such as Millie & Molly, Retro Souls Collection and Space Collection. Place your order now as they will sell out quickly!

Bobr Games at Protovision Shop

Protovision Titles Excel in BastichB 64K Top 20 Video

The BastichB 64K YouTube channel is one of the current premier channels for modern day C64 related content. His latest video looks at the Top 20 C64 games from the past decade and we are excited to see that 4 out of the top 5 spots were filled by Protovision titles! If you want to see some of the best new C64 games around then check out this video by BastichB 64K.

Original Pieces bug fixed, last month of Pieces II Level Design Compo!

Pieces is a puzzle game that was coded back in the mid 90s. Unfortunately, it never received an official commercial release due to the fading C64 market. A "crack" of Pieces has existed for a while, but this version did not fix a bug from the original that prevented one of its levels from being solvable.

Thanks to the attention received as a result of our Pieces II Level Design Compo, the scene group Excess has just produced a version that fixes this bug and a few others. Download it here: Pieces +3FP – enjoy! It is easy to pick up, but hard to pick down.

Back to Pieces II: The deadline of our Level Design Compo is 2022/02/28 – just one month away! So, fire up our level editor (Java based; Windows executable), get those grey cells going and become a part of the game with your own created levels. There are some great vouchers to be won which can be used for any item in our store.
Have fun, and good luck!

Sam’s Journey physical edition restocked!

And the journey continues: The popular C64 platformer Sam’s Journey is available again on disk and cartridge now. A new package option has been added: A combo with the NTSC version on disk and the PAL version on cart.

Get Sam’s Journey Edition!

Outrage physical edition available again

The revenge campaign from Cosmos Designs may go on… We finally have new stock of the C64 run and gun Outrage at the ready now, waiting for your purchase.

Get Outrage Boxed Edition!

New in our shop: Space Collection Cartridge

We have in stock a limited number of the Space Collection cartridge. This exclusive cart contains enhanced versions of four space themed games – Babylon’s Ark, Flying Saucers, Space Firehawk and Space Planters. The cartridge itself is very beautifully designed. Order your copy now before they are sold out!

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