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RETURN #46: MW Ultra & Outrage reviewed, pixel art featuring Lobo [German]

In issue 46, RETURN reports on Protovision for the third time in a row, this time covering the two collaborative releases with Psytronik:
Cosmos Designs‘ long-lost run ’n‘ gun Outrage was examined in detail. Staff concludes: "A tough challenge that’s still fun to play today, despite its 30-year-old design." Coder Bernd Buchegger was on hand to answer questions about the game’s unusual genesis.
The underrated MW Ultra was also reviewed. The article praises among other things the attention to detail as well as the depth of the game and appreciates MW Ultra as one of the best action adventures for the Commodore 64.
Our graphic artist Lobo not only created the print artwork for Outrage and MW Ultra, he is also very active as a pixel artist. In the "Pixel Art" section of this issue, you can admire some of his works.

Blast Annual 2020 Vol 2 – Physical Orders

The Blast Annual 2020 is a multi-format gaming publication that celebrates all aspects of the retro community across two huge volumes – featuring lots of game and hardware reviews, along with plenty of special feature articles.

The Blast Annual Volume 2 is spanning over 200 pages and presented as a very high quality hard back cover book. This is available to pre-order at now. Order your copy fast, you won’t be disappointed.

Monstro Giganto featuring Lobo graphics is available!

The eagerly anticipated release of Monstro Giganto is available for pre-order from our friends at RGCD. This fun arcade style beat 'em up features large well animated PETSCII graphics by Lobo/Protovision. The game package is beautifully presented with eye-popping cover art and manual illustrations – also from Lobo.

Pre-order cartridge from RGCD Shop!
Digital Download will be available soon at

Great new run’n’gun game from Carleton Handley

Carleton Handley has recently teamed up with Saul Cross to produce Runn ’n‘ Gunn – an awesome run’n’gun style of game that features tight controls, high quality level graphics and a fantastic music track.
Carleton is looking to expand the game with additional levels and features if there is sufficient interest in Runn ’n‘ Gunn. You can support Carleton with his efforts to keep the C64 alive with great new games by purchasing the download of his latest game from here.

S.P.R.E.R.O. Update released

S.P.R.E.R.O. – a H.E.R.O. inspired game created entirely in sprites – has been updated to V1.2.
Oziphantom of Protovision improved performance and included a couple of bug fixes. For details and free download, check CSDb:

S.P.R.E.R.O. Update veröffentlicht

S.P.R.E.R.O. – ein von H.E.R.O. inspiriertes Spiel, das komplett in Sprites erstellt wurde – wurde auf V1.2 aktualisiert.
Oziphantom von Protovision hat die Performance verbessert und ein paar Bugs gefixt. Details und den kostenlosen Download findest du in der CSDb:

Digital Talk #109 is out

The German disk magazine Digital Talk has been taken over by Thunder.Bird with Issue #109 now released.

This new issues features a detailed review of our Shoot ‘em up Zeta Wing in its Game’s Corner section.

Download: CSDb

Digital Talk #109 ist da

Das Diskettenmagazin Digital Talk wurde von Thunder.Bird übernommen, Ausgabe #109 ist nun erschienen.
In der Games-Corner der neuen Ausgabe findet sich ein ausführlicher Testbericht zu unserem Shoot ‘em up Zeta Wing.

Download: CSDb

C64 Game Awards 2020 at Indie Retro News

Indie Retro News announced their upcoming C64 Game Awards 2020. We are happy to see that three of our five 2020 game releases have been nominated!

Nominees for C64 Game of The Year include:
Outrage by Cosmos Designs
MW Ultra by Covert BitOps
Both titles were released by Protovision in cooperation with Psytronik.

Nominee for C64 Budget Game of the Year, among others:
Zeta Wing by Protovision
This great shoot ‘em up is planned to be released as boxed edition on cartridge in 2021.

Announcement of the winners will happen on New Years Eve via the Twitch Channel of hayesmaker64. We can expect an article on Indie Retro News early in the new year as well. We are hopeful that MW Ultra will win the race.
So if you don’t own this GOTY Nominee yet: Purchase of the cartridge is starting from only 45 Euros (instead of 50) – so better get yours now!

Outrage – New website and details on project progress

For Outrage, programmer Bernd Buchegger has now personally created a dedicated website, with an exciting timeline and a lot of background information on the story behind its creation!

The new Vandalism News #71 not only mentions Outrage in the chapter “The Market”; Outrage was even given its own little chapter:
“Nothing but rage…” can be found in the section “Behind the Scene”. Project Manager David Simmons (Jazzcat) talks about the challenges of completing Outrage, the many improvements that have been made and honours those involved in the completion of the project.

Download Vandalism News #71 from the CSDb!

Now it won’t be long before you too can defend yourself against the alien invasion!

NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Vandalism News #71

Vandalism News is a C64 disk magazine by Onslaught and Offence. Issue 71 was recently released! Find the latest news, reports and background about different aspects of the C64 scene. All is presented in an advanced outfit, for you to enjoy on your C64.

As usual, a chapter called “The Market” gives developers the opportunity to tell what is new about their projects.

Protovision wise you can find the following here:

  • An overview about recent titles such as MW Ultra (co-op with Psytronik) and Planet X2.1
  • News about upcoming games like Soul Force, Outrage and latest hardware
  • Insights to Briley Witch Chronicles and Wild Wood by their creators

Download Vandalism News #71 from CSDb!

Getting started…
After the intro and an opening image, chose your article in the menu. This is more detailed now and spread over 5 screens. To navigate to “The Market”, switch to page 3 (cursor right), select respective chapter (Cursor down and Return), insert requested diskside (5), and there you go!

Happy reading!


Joyride is a tool to monitor Joysticks, Mouse, Paddles among other input devices. It also supports a large number of Userport adapters, including the 4 Player Interface by Protovision / CGA. This tool has been developped by T’Pau, version 1.3 has recently been released.

Find more information and download at CSDb.

Neues C64-Forum

Es gibt ein brandneues englischsprachiges C64-Forum! Mach mit unter:

New C64 Forum

There’s a brand new English-speaking C64 forum in town! Register today at:

New 4-Player-Game: 8bit-Slicks

This new racing game developed by 8bit-Dude supports up to 4 players, local or online (using the Uthernet, DragonCart or RR-Net). Download:

The Winner of the C64 Gamers‘ Choice 2018: Rocky Memphis – The Legend of Atlantis

The victory of the action puzzler „Rocky Memphis – The Legend of Atlantis“ is well deserved. Congratulations to all parties involved! Get more Infos here.

NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Organism & Rocky Memphis – The Legend of Atlantis released

Both of the games are rather interesting titles.

  • Organism is an atmospheric alienesque game where you have to find crew members in a massively huge space ship.
  • Rocky Memphis – The Legend of Atlantis is an action puzzler. You will have to solve dozens of small riddles to progress in the game (Joe Gunn style).

NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: kernal64 with gmod2 support

The C64 emulator kernal64 now supports our standard cartridge format, gmod2.

This means that Sam’s Journey and Galencia cartridges will now run with the emulator as well.

NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Protovision interview in RetroVideoGamer

RetroVideoGamer (RVG) just released an interview and a short article about Protovision.

ZZap! 64 Annual 2019 – Get your SIGNED copy of Sam’s Journey!

ZZap! 64 is back!
112 pages in full colour brought to you by Fusion retro books together with Future Publishing. The campaign got funded on day one already, but there’s more:

You can obtain a SIGNED COPY (cartridge edition PAL) of Sam’s Journey along with your mag through the Kickstarter campaign!

This special offer is limited to 20 copies, so better be quick. And yes, we’ll think about Sam’s Journey bed spreads now 🙂

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