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Written by Protovision

Wir freuen uns bekannt zu geben, dass Zeta Wing von Sarah Jane Avory von der C64-Community zum beliebtesten Spiel 2020 gewählt wurde. Wir sind sehr dankbar, dass Protovision sich 3 Plätze in den Top 10 sichern konnte (Zeta Wing, MW Ultra und Outrage). Schau dir die Videopräsentation von Retro Gamer Nation mit den kompletten Ergebnissen an!

Written by Protovision

Die Ergebnisse der Indie Retro News C64 Game Awards 2020 wurden veröffentlicht… Und Protovision hat zwei der drei Preise abgeräumt!
MW ULTRA von Covert Bitops wurde als C64 Game of the Year auszeichnet, während der Preis für das Budget Game of the Year an Zeta Wing von Sarah Jane Avor ging.
Wir sind sehr glücklich und gratulieren allen anderen Nominierten!
Für den kompletten Artikel, klicke hier.

Written by Protovision

The results of Indie Retro News C64 Game Awards 2020 have been published… and Protovision has taken out two of the three awards!
Award for the C64 Game of the Year went to MW ULTRA by Covert Bitops while the C64 Budget Game of the Year was awarded to Zeta Wing by Sarah Jane Avory.
We are very happy and congratulate all the other nominees!
For the full article, click here.

Written by Protovision

Eine ganze Reihe Protovision-Spiele wurden für den RGN-Award nominiert: MW ULTRA, Zeta Wing, Wormhole, Planet X2.1 und Outrage.
Sofern noch nicht geschehen, stimme jetzt ab!

Written by Protovision

We have a number of Protovision games nominated for the RGN award: MW ULTRA, Zeta Wing, Wormhole, Planet X2.1 and Outrage.
If you haven’t done so already, vote now!

Written by Protovision

The German disk magazine Digital Talk has been taken over by Thunder.Bird with Issue #109 now released.

This new issues features a detailed review of our Shoot ‘em up Zeta Wing in its Game’s Corner section.

Download: CSDb

Written by Protovision

Indie Retro News announced their upcoming C64 Game Awards 2020. We are happy to see that three of our five 2020 game releases have been nominated!

Nominees for C64 Game of The Year include:
Outrage by Cosmos Designs
MW Ultra by Covert BitOps
Both titles were released by Protovision in cooperation with Psytronik.

Nominee for C64 Budget Game of the Year, among others:
Zeta Wing by Protovision
This great shoot ‘em up is planned to be released as boxed edition on cartridge in 2021.

Announcement of the winners will happen on New Years Eve via the Twitch Channel of hayesmaker64. We can expect an article on Indie Retro News early in the new year as well. We are hopeful that MW Ultra will win the race.
So if you don’t own this GOTY Nominee yet: Purchase of the cartridge is starting from only 45 Euros (instead of 50) – so better get yours now!

Written by Protovision

Komoda & Amiga plus #17
Issue 17 of Komoda & Amiga plus includes a nice review of our game MW Ultra. The magazine is offered in both English and Polish and can be obtained in either print or digital format from here.

Our boxed edition of MW Ultra on cartridge is available from only 45 Euros now (instead of 50) in our Shop. This top title already supports two additional buttons, so it’s perfectly suited for Protopad (its crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing!).

Written by Protovision

Don’t forget that Outrage goes on pre-order this Monday, with disk version from Psytronik and cartridge version from us. Check out the latest RGN video for premier game footage of Outrage.

Written by Protovision

Vandalism News is a C64 disk magazine by Onslaught and Offence. Issue 71 was recently released! Find the latest news, reports and background about different aspects of the C64 scene. All is presented in an advanced outfit, for you to enjoy on your C64.

As usual, a chapter called “The Market” gives developers the opportunity to tell what is new about their projects.

Protovision wise you can find the following here:

  • An overview about recent titles such as MW Ultra (co-op with Psytronik) and Planet X2.1
  • News about upcoming games like Soul Force, Outrage and latest hardware
  • Insights to Briley Witch Chronicles and Wild Wood by their creators

Download Vandalism News #71 from CSDb!

Getting started…
After the intro and an opening image, chose your article in the menu. This is more detailed now and spread over 5 screens. To navigate to “The Market”, switch to page 3 (cursor right), select respective chapter (Cursor down and Return), insert requested diskside (5), and there you go!

Happy reading!

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